How To Build Fun BMX Trails

Riding the same old BMX or mountain bike trails can get boring, so you should learn how to build fun BMX bike trails. This article is sure to make you have more fun riding and get in better shape. Building BMX trails can take a lot of time. Try finding buddies to help you. Here are a few things every BMX trail needs to keep being fun.

All you need to start building or modifying fun trails is the following:

  • Lots of dirt
  • At least one shovel
  • Some water, if possible
  • Wheel barrel or other containers to transfer dirt
  1. Lots of ramps. You need big ramps and small ramps alike. If you want to build ramps, get a shovel, some water and start digging for dirt. Simply pile the dirt up on an area and sculpt it.
  2. Plenty of trails leading up to ramps. One tip for clearing out the grass that prevents trail riding is to use gasoline or a strong weed killer. The type of weed killer your dad burns up the lawn with every year out of paranoia against weeds. To sculpt a good trail you will have to use the shovel as well, unfortunately. To maintain speed through the turns you need to make sure you bank these turns. This means making the outside wall of a turn much higher than the inside. This keeps you from sliding or having to brake as often.
  3. The key to keeping the trail fun is variety and length. Having a decent size trail and space to work with will ultimately keep you entertained the longest. Ideally, there will be lengths of track that are steeply falling or rising and all sorts of shortcuts.
  4. A trail should have many paths. Keep the trail fun by making all the paths intertwine and connect in as many clever ways that you have time to build.
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