How To Build Golf Clubs

If you want to make your golf game more rewarding, you could learn to build golf clubs that are made for you, and only you. A person who can build golf clubs to meet their specific needs seems to feel a sense of pride and accomplishment. Building your own golf clubs can also save you money.

Tools you will need:

  • Bench vice
  • Hacksaw
  • Copper pipe cutter
  • Tape measurer
  • Epoxy
  • Sandpaper
  • Grip tape
  • Grip solvent
  1. Find a golf club catalog, or two.  Start searching in the catalog for a club head, a shaft, a grip, and a ferrule. You will need these four items to start building your own golf clubs.
  2. Choose the style of golf club heads you like. There are many styles to choose from in both irons and blades. Choose what you like and what you think will work best for you. To save money you may not be able to buy name brand heads, but the technology on a cheaper “knock-off” club is basically the same as the name brands. They are cheaper because most of the time they don’t involve advertising or a middle-man that jacks up the price.
  3. Select a shaft that suits your swing. When you choose a shaft it should be the right size.  How long it should be depends on your height and how long your arm is. Be sure to mark your shaft with masking tape so you will end up with the correct length for each of your golf clubs.
  4. Most any grip will work. The grip you choose for your golf clubs is based on your personal preference. There are many styles to choose from.
  5. Attach the club head to the tip end of the shaft. Use your hacksaw to trim the tip end of the shaft of the golf club. Insert the tip into the shaft hosel and mark it before sanding. When you finish sanding, wipe the sanded area and shaft down with grip solvent. You will need epoxy to bond the head of the club to the tip.  Take your time and mix the epoxy correctly.  Allow it to dry for 24 hours. Remember, if it doesn’t hold right, the club could fly off the shaft and cause injury.
  6. Attach the grip to the butt end of the shaft.  Use the same trimming and sanding techniques to prepare the butt end of the shaft for the grip. The combination of grip solvent and grip tape will help the grip adhere to the shaft. Wipe down the shaft with grip solvent. Do not get it on the inside of the shaft. Allow a few hours for it to dry.
  7. Install a ferrule if required. Slide the ferrule down the tip of the shaft.  Use the hosel of the head of the club to get it in the proper position. Make sure the shaft penetrates the bottom of the hosel bore. Using a ferrule, although not always necessary, will make your golf clubs look professional and nice.
  8. Try out your new clubs. If they work right, you’re all done.  If you feel the clubs need some tweaking, it is cheaper to take them to a professional clubmaker and have them checked out than buying the equipment that is needed to check or adjust the lie and swing weight.
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