How To Build A Good Relationship With Your Girlfriend

Wanting to learn how to build a good relationship with your girlfriend is a great start to your query. but it's also important to understand that relationships require continuous effort to maintain strength, and that effort must be put forth by both members of the relationship for it to last. Here are some tips on building and maintaining a good relationship with your girlfriend. 

  1. Establish good communication lines as early as possible is key to building a good relationship. Good communication can help eliminate jealousy and trust issues later on, provide emotional security for both people involved, and prevent major arguments or at the very least reduce arguments to matters that can be solved and put behind you both. Communication should be a vital part of your relationship with your girlfriend.
  2. Choose your battles carefully to ensure a lasting good relationship with your girlfriend. In building a good relationship with your girlfriend, it is important to understand that fights are going to happen. Only fight if it is absolutely worth fighting over, and always fight to the end of the argument. Sometimes ending an argument involves bending a little on your side to get the other person to want to end the argument too. Do not always admit to being wrong, if you are certain you are not. Don't forget to listen to what the problem is for your girlfriend because you might be overlooking something that is causing issues.  
  3. Never go to sleep angry, or you will likely wake up angry. Continue the argument until both sides have had enough, then decide together that the argument has ended, and forget the issue. Issues from past arguments should never be "fair game" in future arguments, and this is another point that should be established early on for a good relationship to be built. Fighting can help communication become stronger, but it should be limited if you want a good relationship with your girlfriend.
  4. Listen to each other, but remember to hear not just the words but the meaning too. Women sometimes speak in code. The best thing you can do to ensure a good relationship with your girlfriend is to listen when she is talking, even if she is simply talking about her day, or a book she read, or whatever. Sometimes you will notice she slips in hints about things she'd like to do, or some place she'd like to go, or something she really wants. You can save this information for later and surprise her. Perhaps she always wanted to go to Italy but it's too expensive. You could plan a date to a nice Italian restaurant with outdoor tables and a nice view. Or perhaps she mentions really being interested in something, you could get her a book or something related to that topic.
  5. Don't let her become "that girlfriend" that your friends don't like because she complains throughout the game. If your girlfriend really isn't into sports it may be because she doesn't understand them. Perhaps invite her to play a football game with you on your Playstation, or offer to teach her the rules and how to follow a game. Incidentally, the college football game is a bit easier to start with for the absolute beginner, and there are books that can help explain the rules of most major sports if you need help. Inviting her into this part of your life can help her feel more welcome, and be more accepting of your friends. She may enjoy attending a sporting event with you as well, which can help build a good relationship.
  6. Include her in things that are important to you if you want to build a good relationship with your girlfriend. This includes when you want to spend time with friends or family. Chances are, she may not be interested, but the invitation alone can help her feel more included and more important in your life. Additionally, offer to spend time with her and her friends and family. This can win major points in everyone's eyes, and if you can pull it off with a smile she'll appreciate it that much more.
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