How To Build Goose Hunting Blinds

For bird hunters, learning how to build goose hunting blinds is a necessity. Geese are usually hunted in open fields with lots of camouflage. The basic purpose of a hunting blind is to make the hunter blend in with the surroundings so that the wild life is not warned.

To make goose-hunting blinds we need:

  • Four Bamboo Sticks
  • Sheet of Thin Wire Netting
  • Dried Grass
  • Needle and Thin Fishing Thread
  • Two Small Blocks of Wood
  • Nail Tacks
  • Blade
  • Wood File
  • Hammer

While making a goose hunting blind, the most important thing is to make it portable. Hunting needs moving from place to place, and lighter hunting gear proves helpful. We have chosen to use bamboo sticks for the same reason.

The blind is required to cover up the front area so the hunter can go unnoticed by feeding birds.

  1. Cut two bamboo sticks in lengths of three feet. File the edges smooth so they are easier to carry. With the help of a blade, sharpen one side of each bamboo stick. This will make hoisting easier.
  2. Take the wire netting and spread it flat on the ground. With the help of cutting shears, trim the sheet so that two lengths become three feet. A three feet width is enough to hide two crouching hunters.
  3. Placing the blunt end of bamboo stick on one side, roll the stick to wrap the netting once around it. With the help of small tacks and the hammer, fix the netting in place. Repeat the procedure on the other side using the other bamboo.
  4. Measure a foot from the top of bamboo stick and nail the wooden block here. Repeat the same with the other stick. These blocks will help to support the stands. Now we have a badminton net kind of a structure.
  5. Weave the dry grass all over the netting. Do this so closely that there is no peephole left. With the help of some fishing thread and a needle, sew any loose ends.
  6. Paint the bamboo sticks with pale yellow and dull green. This should be done in patches to give a natural look.
  7. To fold the hunting blind, roll one bamboo stick over the netting until it reaches the other stick. With the help of elastic bands, tie the two sticks together so the hunting blind is easily portable.
  8. Cut the other bamboo sticks in lengths of two feet. Sharpen one end with a blade. These are used to hold the hunting blind in place. The blunt end is stuck at the little blocks fixed in the blind.
  9. While setting up the hunting blind, the two bamboo sticks are hoisted in the ground in a slanting position. The two other sticks are made to support them so that the hunting blind does not fall.
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