How To Build A Grass Tennis Court In Your Backyard

How to build a grass tennis court in your backyard involves a big backyard and a whole lot of work. Why wait on others when you want to play a game on a grass court? It's not difficult to build a grass tennis court. The process involves a lot of tools and sweat labor. You'll need this equipment to complete the court:

  • measuring tool
  • level
  • net and net equipment
  • chalking device
  • grass sod
  • shovels
  • gravel
  • soil compactor
  • box cutter
  1. Measure the yard. How to build a grass tennis court in your backyard must factor in the size of the yard. A tennis court, on each side, should have at least 21 feet between the fence or enclosure and the baseline. If you don't have this space, forget about putting in a court. Movement by players will be impeded by the small area. You may need to remove a fence or concrete area to allow freer play, even if the yard meets these dimensions exactly. 
  2. Stake out the grass tennis court. Use wooden stakes and thick string to stake out the tennis court. Look at all options in court orientation. Tear scraps from a bright colored cloth to mark the string so workers won't take headers tripping on the string. This also prevents the court markings from ruin, even if no one falls down. 
  3. Remove the old soil. The grass may be fine, but how to build a grass tennis court in your backyard also requires an assessment of the appropriate grass and soil underneath the grass. Take out the old grass, gravel and soil. This will make a better base for your new court. 
  4. Compact the soil. Once the old soil is gone, rent a machine to mash down the soil into a solid base. If you aren't up to the task, hire a company to compact the soil. Remove any stones or excess large gravel. This will make the court lumpy when the grass has grown in. 
  5. Install the posts for net. The net should be installed exactly midway between the 78 foot long court. The net at each side post measure three feet and 6 inches. The net measurement in the middle is an exact three feet. Place the posts three feet out from the sideline. All lines measure two inches in width. 
  6. Re-measure the court dimensions. Your stakes should still be in place, but re-measure to make sure things didn't move during the soil removal and compacting.
  7. Put in the sod. The correct type of sod varies with the climate and soil where the court is constructed. Contact a local nursery owner or landscaper to purchase the correct soil additives and grass seed or sod. Lay the sod evenly, and use a long wooden slat to test the soil to make sure it is even. 
  8. Chalk the boundaries of the grass court. A tennis court measures 87 feet in length, with 21 feet behind the court and 12 feet on either side. The area between the service line and baseline is 18 feet and a total of 39 feet between the baseline and the net. The width for a doubles court in 36 feet and 27 feet for singles. The half court measures 13 feet and 6 inches, with 4 foot 6 inches for the alley. Chalk all of these lines using a two inch chalk line. 
  9. Install the net. Follow the directions to install the net. 
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