How To Build A Greenhouse

If you have a green thumb, and want to grow plants, you should know how to build a greenhouse. A greenhouse is an enclosed structure (usually made of glass), which allows plants to grow and thrive in a controlled environment and lets sunlight penetrate the structure. Greenhouses can be big or small, depending on your preferences and budget.

To build a greenhouse, you will need

  • PVC, Aluminium, Galvanized steel, Wood, or Glass.
  • Batten tape
  • Plants
  • Tubular Steel Hoops
  • Polycarbonate
  • Clamps
  • UV Resistant Film
  • Plant Racks
  • Adhesives
  • Wire
  • Glass
  • Nails
  1. Before beginning any construction on your greenhouse, determine it's purpose. Are you going to be growing plants as a hobby, or commercially.
  2. Now decide on the size and type of greenhouse you want. It could be a free standing structure, or one attached to the main house. If you want a small greenhouse, you should built a coldframe greenhouse, which ranges between 9-49 feet.
  3. After deciding on the size and type, you should plan the budget for your greenhouse. This will help you determine what material you will use to build the structure, such as galvanized steel, PVC, glass or polycarbonate. Buy the materials online, or from a local market.
  4. Now, choose a location, ensuring that it gets enough sunlight. Level the ground before beginning construction.
  5. Spend some time working on a plan. This plan should list the measurements of each side of the greenhouse, as well as the door and windows. It should specify the size of the roof, and the number of frames that need to be cut. It should list the number of water pipes and electrical outlets needed. Perfect this plan, as it will result in a great greenhouse.
  6. Begin building from the base. Use either plastic frames of wooden slats, and lay them on the ground in a square or rectangular shape. Nail these together using a hammer and galvanized nails. Keep space for water pipes if necessary.
  7. Now start building the walls. Fix the plastic, fiberglass, or glass frames on three sides, using adhesive and galvanized nails to make them strong. Keep testing the walls to ensure that they are sturdy and won't come crashing down.
  8. Now work on the roof, cutting the frames to join the three walls you made. Again, use nails and adhesives to make it secure.
  9. Now place the frame and windows for the fourth size, according to the plan you made. Install the door and windows using the hinges.
  10. Now use the UV-resistant film to cover the greenhouse on all four sides, covering the door and windows too. Cut it around the door and windows so they can open.
  11. Check the greenhouse once more, to see whether it is strong and can withstand pressure.
  12. Place the plant racks inside the greenhouse. Don't overcrowd them.
  13. Finally, make electrical fitting and water supply pipes, as per your plan. Now you have a fully functional greenhouse.
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