How To Build Grooming Tables For Dogs

Interested in learning how to build grooming tables for dogs? Unlike store-bought tables that come in standard sizes with standard features, grooming tables you build yourself can fit your exact needs. Choose the height you like, the size and the tabletop features. Add folding legs for convenience and stairs for older dogs who cannot jump on the grooming table themselves. Just follow these steps to build grooming tables for all the dogs in your life.

Here's what you'll need:

  • Hardwood board for the tabletop
  • Lumber post or folding table legs
  • Two-by-four lumber to match the width and length of the tabletop
  • Slip-resistant bathtub mat
  • Heavy duty glue
  • Pillow
  • Waterproof pillow cover
  • Vinyl closet organizer
  • Dog stairs (optional)
  • Stool (optional)
  1. Choose the table size. At the lumber section of your home improvement store, buy hardwood board that is at least two inches thick. The tabletop dimensions should be large and wide enough for your dog to turn around on without falling, as well as lie down. When building grooming tables for dogs, bigger isn’t necessarily better. The larger the table, the more space the dog will have to try and make a run for it.
  2. Choose the table legs. At your home improvement store buy four-by-four-by-four lumber posts to build a dog grooming table with fixed legs. To build a folding dog grooming table, buy folding metal table legs (such as banquet table legs). Install the legs using wood screws. It’s a good idea when building dog grooming tables to consider not only the size of the dog, but the comfort of the groomer. Choose legs that are long enough to prevent unnecessary bending.
  3. Tabletop safety rail. At the lumber section of your home improvement store, buy two-by-four lumber to fit the length and width of the dog grooming table. Nail the sections over the edge of the tabletop to form a safety rail on three sides. Whether you are building grooming tables for large or small dogs, the safety rails will prevent the dog from leaning outside the parameter of the table and accidentally falling off.
  4. Tabletop cover. Cut a slip-resistant bathtub mat to fit the size of the dog grooming tabletop. Overlap the mat along the safety rails and two inches beneath the table edge. If the mat is too small, lay two mats consecutively. Use heavy duty glue to adhere the mat in place.
  5. Grooming cushion. While being groomed, dogs often have to lie down on their backs or sides and a grooming cushion will make them more comfortable.  Coat a pillow in a waterproof pillow cover or make two grooming cushions for larger dogs.
  6. Grooming supplies. Hang a vinyl closet organizer down the side of the dog grooming table to store grooming supplies, wipes, towels, brushes and scissors.
  7. Table stairs. For older, arthritic dogs, it’s a good idea to build a grooming table equal to the height of a bed. Place dog stairs beside the dog grooming table to make climbing easy for senior dogs. Place a comfortable stool before the table so the groomer can sit while working and avoid excessive bending.
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