How To Build A Guinea Pig Cage

If you want your guinea pigs to be healthy and happy, you may want to learn how to build a guinea pig cage. The cages available at pet stores are often too confined for your pets. Living in a small cage can be detrimental not only to the guinea pig's health, but also to its emotions as they will feel bored in a tiny enclosure. Thus, you should learn how you can build a guinea pig cage that can cater to the physical need of your little friends. After gathering all the required materials, you can begin to build a guinea pig cage according to your liking.

To build a guinea pig cage you will need:

  • 14-inch coated wire grids. (The number of grids you need depend on the desired size of the guinea pig cage)
  • A pack of cable ties. 
  • Coroplast
  1. Connect the grids using the connectors provided or with cable ties. This will form the perimeter of the guinea pig cage. 
  2. Take measurements of the length and width of the guinea pig cage. That will determine how much coroplast you need to form the base tray of the cage. 
  3. Leave a six inch wall around the four ages when you begin cutting the coroplast. This will prevent spillage of hay and bedding from a guinea pig cage. 
  4. Mark the six inch boundaries on the coroplast before you cut.  
  5. Create flaps at the coroplast by cutting only six inches deep. 
  6. Snap the edges to for a box with the coroplast. Tape the flaps to secure the shape. 
  7. Place the coroplast box inside the grids you made at step one and two. 

Learning how to build a guinea pig cage is not too difficult, but it will help if you draw floor plans and designs of your desired cage before you start building. You can build a guinea pig cage with two levels by adding a ramp and an "attic" filled with hay. A guinea pig cage should also have hiding places and toys. But never use home plastic storage boxes as guinea pig cages as they lack ventilation and are often too small. If you have cats and dogs in the house, try to build a guinea pig cage with wire covering to protect your guinea pigs. Do not build a guinea pig cage that extends vertically instead of horizontally, as your guinea pig may get hurt if it falls down.  

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