How To Build A Guitar Stand

Learning how to build a guitar stand is easier than you might think. You have a guitar but you do not own a guitar stand? Of course you do not want to put the guitar away after each use because you would just like to pick up your guitar whenever you feel in the mood. Well we can show you how to make your own guitar stand for your guitar so that you do not have to put it away each time. It is also the best way to show your guitar off to your friends.

Items Needed:

  • 2 1/2 foot piece of 2×4
  • Level
  • Pencil
  • Two Tool Hooks
  • 5/16 inch drill bit
  • 4-three inch screws with washers
  1. The first step is to mark on the piece of wood with the tool hooks the proper distance so if you have more than one guitar they will not hit one another. Lay the wood piece on the floor and place the guitar heads on the wood so the bodies of the guitars lay apart from one another. If you do not have two guitars the distance should be two feet from one another. This is incase you decide you would to add another guitar to start a collection.
  2. Mark on the piece of wood directly under the center of the headstock with the pencil. To ensure the hooks will be level with one another you can use a level making sure the two marks are even with one another when you make a straight line.
  3. Next you need to drill the guide holes into the wood using the 5/16 drill bit and the holes that marked on the wood. The holes will be used to guide the tool hooks into the wood later on.
  4. Next drill a single hole on each corner of the wood using the same 5/16 drill bit. This will make a space for you to place the mounting screws when the wood is mounted to the wall.
  5. Take the tool hooks and screw them into the piece of wood. You should be able to screw them in by hand and the depth that you want them within the wood depends on your preference, but make sure it is in the wood deep enough to hold the guitar.
  6. Place the guitar/guitars on their hooks to make sure the guitars are not touching one another.
  7. Next, using the four three-inch screws, mount the piece of wood to the wall, and use the washers to prevent the screw from going through the wood. Make sure to use the level as well to ensure the wood piece is level so the guitar does not touch one another or fall off the hooks.
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