How To Build Hanging Garage Shelves

Need to know how to build hanging garage shelves? Hanging garage shelves are a great way to maximize your use of space and get your garage organized. With a simple hanging apparatus you can hang garage shelves in the space between your car and garage opener or in narrow spaces that would otherwise go to waste. Just follow these simple steps to building your own hanging garage shelves and free up some much needed floor space.

To build one hanging garage shelf you will need:

  • 2 x 5.5 inch hardwood at whatever length you wish the garage shelf to be.
  • Fence wood equal to the length of the shelf (if not, buy two).
  • Two Large screw hooks & two small screw hooks.
  • Two 3 inch spring links.
  • Zinc chain.
  • Perforated angle iron at a length equal to the shelf.

You can find all you need to build your hanging garage shelves at your local home improvement store.

Here’s how to build your hanging garage shelves:

  • Determine the number of hanging garage shelves you want. Since you will be building hanging garage shelves that are fairly narrow, you can expect to fit them into all sorts of spaces. Consider hanging garage shelves against your garage walls, even in narrow spaces. Hang garage shelves between your garage opener and your car, or use the same technique to line the ceiling with hanging garage shelves. The instructions below will recommend shortcuts for maximizing your hardware to build several hanging garage shelves.
  • Cut the garage shelves. If you are building more than one hanging garage shelf, it’s important that all the shelves will be the same length, so as to maximize the use of the hanging hardware. Therefore, cut the first hardwood board to the desired length for the shelf. Then trim a triangle off the corners at a 45 degree angle, for a sleek look. Now use this shelf as a yardstick for cutting the remaining garage shelves.
  • Attach the shelf fence. Each hanging garage shelf must have a fence at the back (a piece of wood that secures items from sliding off). Stand your garage shelf with the trimmed corners facing down, then lay the fence wood over it and screw in place with the bottom of the fence flush with the bottom of the shelf. If the shelf is long, use two pieces of fence wood.
  • Insert screw hooks for hanging the garage shelves. Each garage shelf will have screw hooks installed at its sides and back. Drill a hole at each trimmed corner of the shelf and insert the large screw hooks. If they are too deep, add wood blocks beneath the shelf to support the full depth of the screw hooks. Next, add two small screw hooks, 10 inches apart, at the center of the shelf fence (back).
  • Ceiling hanging garage shelves hardware. If your garage opener is attached to the ceiling with perforated angle iron, you can use it to suspend your hanging garage shelves. For other areas in your garage, install the perforated angle iron where you wish to suspend your hanging garage shelves. By attaching the angle iron to your garage ceiling at parallel positions and equal distances, you can suspend several shelves from one pair of parallel angle irons.
  • Hanging garage shelves hardware. Fold the zinc chain in half and cut to the length at which you wish to suspend the hanging garage shelf from the ceiling or wall. The hooks of the chain will attach to the screw hooks in the shelf. Attach one end of the chain to the side, large screw, and the other end to the small, back screw (to keep your hanging garage shelf from tilting backwards). Repeat this step on the other side of the shelf. Then suspend the hanging garage shelf from the perforated angle iron using the 3 inch spring links. Hang several hanging garage shelves in a row from two parallel angle irons fastened to the ceiling at a distance equal to the length of the hanging garage shelves.

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