How To Build A Harley Chopper

If your next project is considering how to build a Harley chopper, make sure to buy the best accessories you can. Here's how to do it.

To build a Harley Chopper, you will need:

  • Harley Davidson Parts
  • Open Space
  • Manuals
  • Tool Set
  • Bike Jack


  1. Look for a good engine. As it is a personal preference, it could be good if you can somehow get the Sportster engine, which is very good and reliable. You should also get the original Harley transmission. If you want some serious power, make your engine a 1200cc. An Evo Motor will work miracles, too. It is a Harley treasure with V-Twin model.
  2. Harley’s Front. The Duo Glide front is the best thing you can buy. If not, you will lose the Harley’s feeling for sure. You can also go for the Ape Hangers, which is a different kind of handle bar.
  3. The Frame. For this Harley project, you can use a Ultima Softail model, as it is very easy to find and buy.
  4. The Wheels. It would be good if you purchase an Agitator Custom Wheel. It will look great once on the chopper.
  5. Building it: Step 1. With all these parts in the garage, it is time to initiate the first part of assembly. Put together all the materials with the help of a jack bike. It will be more comfortable to easily place everything without space trouble.
  6. Building it: Step 2. It’s time to chop the front part of the frame, so that the Duo Glide can properly enter. Use a chop saw to do this. Always use safety goggles when you're chopping metal. Add the gas tank and a Harley seat, and a Hitchhiker pillow too. You can also change the angle of the rear part of the frame if you want to customize the sitting angle. Brakes and battery come next. After this, you have almost everything in place so far. Do the final adjustments to finish this part.
  7. Painting the Harley Chopper. A Harley means black all over. It has a legendary look when it's painted dark. Without dark tones, you can’t call your hog a real Harley Chopper.
  8. Take a look at it. Remember daily maintenance is vital.
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