How To Build A Hidden Door Bookcase

Learning how to build a hidden door bookcase is easier than you might imagine. A hidden door bookcase is a great way to create your own special escape. We've all seen it in the movies. As children, most of us have searched our own homes for secret doors or passages. Wouldn't it be cool to have a mysterious, secret door? You can hide valuable treasures or even hide yourself!

In order to build a hidden door bookcase, you will need:

  • Pre-made built in wall bookcase
  • Tape measure
  • Magnet
  • Bolts
  1. It is best to create the secret opening at a closet somewhere in your home. A linen closet or storage closet makes a perfect secret spot for a hidden door bookcase. Measure the area.
  2. Building a bookcase from scratch is a difficult task. It is not for the inexperienced carpenter. Do not attempt making your own bookcase unless you are experienced. Always take the proper precautions. The cheapest and easiest route is to use a pre-built bookcase bought according to the measurements. You can find a wide variety of custom bookcases on the web. If you prefer, you can hire a local carpenter to complete the bookcase project. The bookcase would need to contain a hinged door that measures the same opening as the closet.
  3. Install the bookcase. The bookcase will need to be securely attached to the wall to prevent it from falling. Attach the door panel and trim to the wall using the screws and bolts. Trim the door with decorative trim blocks to hide the opening.
  4. Install a wooden door stop. This will keep your hidden door on the bookcase from flying open. You can use a small magnet to hold the door in place.
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