How To Build A Hockey Equipment Dryer

Learning how to build a hockey equipment dryer can save you time and money along with protecting your equipment for longer use. This simple process will only take about an hour and usually does not cost any more than $25 to $30.

Items Needed:

  • 20' – 25' PVC Schedule 40 pipe
  • 1 ct  1-1/2" PVC cross
  • 3 ct  1-1/2" PVC tee
  • 4 ct  1-1/2" PVC 90
  • 7 ct 1-1/2" PVC cap
  • 1 pint PVC glue
  • 1 pint PVC cleaner

Steps for building a Hockey Drying Rack:

Part 1

  1. Set up all of your pads on the ground in the same position they would be if you were wearing them. They should look like a hockey goalie or player on the ground. Measure the distance from top to bottom and write down this measurement.
  2. Building a sturdy base is essential when building a drying rack for hockey equipment. Start by cutting four lengths of PVC, one foot apiece. Attach these length-wise to two of the PVC tees with the middle opening facing up.
  3. Measure the full length of your pants and shin pads. Add four inches to this measurement and cut two lengths of PVC pipe according to that measurement. The additional four inches is for extra space. Two inches will be used up in the sockets of the tees and the two additional inches are for spacing. Insert the ends of these lengths of PVC into the upright sockets of the base tees. Attach two 90 degree elbows to the top of the “leg” lengths with the open ends facing inwards.
  4. Cut two lengths of PVC eight inches a piece. Attach these to the open end of the 90 degree PVC elbows. In the center of this, insert a PVC tee with the center portion facing upwards. This is the lower portion of the hockey drying rack used for pants, shin pads and other lower protective equipment.  

Part 2

  1. Measure this lower portion of your drying rack and subtract that from the measurement you obtained during step 1. Now, cut a length of PVC to make up the difference. (What number is left after subtracting is what you will cut this length to be.)
  2. Attach this length of PVC upright to the opening of the tee from step 4. Attach cross or 4X PVC connector to the top of this length of PVC with the two ends pointing outward for the arms. Lay out your chest protector with the arms extended out fully and measure this distance. Divide this measurement by two and cut two lengths of PVC equal to those measurements. This will be the arms of the hockey drying rack.
  3. Attach two elbow to the ends of the arms with the open end facing up. Cut two lengths of pipe six inches long and attach to the open ends. This will hold your gloves.
  4. Cut one more length of pipe six inches long and place in the center of the arms. This will be for the helmet or face mask.
  5. Once all of these steps have been completed and the hockey equipment drying rack is assembled, make sure all of your equipment fits.
  6. Now you can clean and glue all the ends and connectors of your hockey drying rack and let dry for four to six hours. Make sure to glue end caps to the exposed ends.


Be very careful with the PVC cleaner and glue, as it can damage carpet and vinyl flooring. Use a cardboard or paper mat below your work surface.

Using a box cutter, clean the ends of the PVC pipe after cutting. This will make it smooth and easier to work with.

Use PVC cleaner and glue in a well ventilated area. The fumes will be strong and can be toxic.

And, those are the steps for how to build a hockey equipment dryer, also known as a hockey equipment drying rack.

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