How To Build A Hockey Gear Rack

Learning how to build a hockey gear rack is a great off season project. A hockey gear rack is an easy way to display your hockey gear while saving storage space. A hockey gear rack isn’t easy to make, but you can do it with the right stuff and a bit of patience. Think you’re ready to take on this task? Let’s take a look at the following list of items you’ll need to build a hockey gear rack.

To build a hockey gear rack, you’ll need the following tools and items:

  • Adequate amount of lumber for your project
  • Saw
  • Drill
  • Screws with washers
  • Tape measure
  • Glue
  • Display carpeting
  • Plastic display hooks


  1. Build your hockey gear rack. The first step to building a hockey gear rack is cutting your lumber to the dimensions that you need. Determine these dimensions by the size of the materials that you’ll be placing within your hockey rack. If you’re placing a hockey stick within your rack, the height of your rack should be at least sixty-five inches, with a depth of twenty inches and a width of fifteen inches for each additional hockey stick. Drill screws and use washers to connect your wooden pieces. Using glue, preferably wood glue, seal the areas between your wooden pieces. The finished hockey gear rack needs to have a back, four sides, and an open front. You will use five pieces of lumber pre-cut to the sizes you need which will be determined by the number of sticks that you have within your hockey gear rack.
  2. Interior display. After your hockey gear rack is made, use display carpeting to cover the interior of your hockey gear rack. While this step isn’t necessarily required, it adds a very nice finished look to your hockey gear rack. If you like the way your wood looks, you can also choose to give it a nice enamel finish to bring out the uniqueness in your project.
  3. Display your hockey gear. Now that the interior of your hockey gear rack is finished, decide where your hockey gear will be displayed within your rack. Once you’ve made your decisions, place plastic display hooks in the areas where you want your equipment to rest. The purpose of these hooks is to keep your equipment in place. Placing your gear loosely within a hockey gear rack will clutter your rack. If you want, you can also install plastic racks at the top of your hockey gear rack with your screws and washers. When installing your plastic hooks, use a hook with an adhesive on the back incase you decide to change your mind.

Don’t look at these steps as completely necessary. If you have the drive to be more or less creative, don’t be afraid to stray from these steps and try different stuff. For example, you can paint the interior or exterior of your case with your favorite team’s colors or logo. Also, you can add a glass door to the front of your case or even construct your case completely from glass. Following these steps will give you your very own hockey gear rack that you can be proud of, but don’t stifle your creative impulses on the way.

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