How To Build A Hockey Stick Display Case

Learning how to build your own hockey stick display case can add both value and enjoyment to your hockey sticks. If you’re like many avid hockey freaks and don’t like seeing your hockey sticks just sitting in the corner of the garage, you need to have a display case for them. Just because they’re sitting in a display case doesn’t mean that you won’t get to use them anymore either. The case we’re going to look at constructing will ensure that your hockey sticks are both displayed in an excellent manner and also ready to grab and use. If you’re ready to accomplish the task, then take a look at the list of tools you’ll need to make your very own hockey stick display case.

To build a hockey stick display case, you’ll need the following items:

  • Lumber
  • Saw
  • Tape measure
  • Electric drill
  • Screws & washers
  • Glass door
  • Hinges
  • Display box carpeting
  • Plastic hooks
  • Hockey sticks
  1. Build your case. The first step to build your very own hockey stick display case is constructing the actual case. These hockey stick display cases can come in many different shapes and sizes. It’s really up to as to what shape and size you use for your hockey stick display case. I would recommend using a shape that will adequately house all of your hockey sticks. Most of the time, these cases are shaped like the popular lockers that professional hockey players use for their own sticks. Once you’ve decided on a shape, measure and cut the lumber to the specific sizes that you need for your locker. Use your drill to put these pieces of lumber together with screws and washers to complete your case. The case should have a back, two sides, and be open in the front.
  2. Put in your hockey sticks. Once you’ve completed the case, you can begin the display process of the project. Purchase some plastic hooks that will adequately hold your hockey sticks in place. Screw these plastic hooks into your display case. I would recommend using at least one plastic hook to support your hockey stick. Make sure that the plastic hook is located near the top of your case so it can adequately support the weight of your stick. Next, you can place your sticks within your display case and organize them in the manner you see fit. If you choose to, you can easily remove the plastic hooks and move them around multiple times.
  3. Finishing items. Before attempting any of these finishing items, make sure you don’t have your hockey sticks sitting in the display case. These finishing items are optional, since step two technically completes your case, but they’ll really help improve the looks of your case. You can choose to paint your display case at this point, or you may also consider just giving the wood a nice finishing look with a sealer. You could also paint your display case in your favorite team’s colors with a logo on the side, the options are endless. Next, use display box carpeting, in the color of your choice, to furbish the inside of your display case. If you have any old holes from where you changed display hook locations, this carpeting will cover up your mistakes. Finally, you can also place a glass door with hinges over your display case to prevent dust from tarnishing your hockey sticks.

There are many other ways to customize your hockey stick display case. Don’t get crazy with your customizations and spend a bunch of money though. If you’re happy with the display case you have after step two, that’s perfectly fine. For example, your display case may be kept in your garage and you don’t need something fancy. You may also have other ideas for customizing your display case, or you may want to build it in the shape of a rectangle and hang it from your wall like a monster fish, any of these options or more are excellent to explore. After you’re done with this project, you’ll have your very own customized hockey stick display case, enjoy.

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