How To Build A Home Stereo System

Here are instructions for how to build a home stereo system. Building a home stereo system can be a fun project that you can get a lot of use from. A home stereo system can be set up by itself, or as part of a home entertainment system. There are more options than ever for connecting a stereo to your digital music library, iPod, and computer. Follow these steps to learn about how to build a home stereo system.

To build a home stereo system, you will need:

  • Audio receiver
  • Stereo speakers
  • Speaker wire
  1. Determine what type of setup you want. You can use floor standing, wall-mounted, or bookshelf speakers. You can purchase a complete stereo system, or make your own using an audio receiver and speakers.
  2. After purchasing the equipment, set up your speakers in the desired locations. Run speaker wire from the speakers to the audio receiver or stereo system.
  3. Attach the speaker wire to the audio receiver or stereo. There should be connections on the back to either screw down, or splice in the speakers. You may also need to attach connectors to the speaker wire to fit connections on the stereo.
  4. Splice the speaker wire to both speakers. There should be two connection on each, and you can use either wire for either connection unless otherwise labelled.
  5. Power on the stereo and test it by playing some music. If sound is not played through one of the speakers, check the equalizer on the stereo, as well as all connections. Enjoy your new stereo system.


  • When looking for speakers, listen to as many different models as you can in stores to try them before buying and to find your favorite.



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