How to Build a Home Wet Bar

You may have been eyeing that empty space in your living room or finished basement and been wondering how to build a wet bar so you can mix drinks and entertain friends. A wet bar earns its name because it features a built in sink, perfect for rinsing glasses. Wet bars are simple enough to build. If you can access your home's water line and know how to use a few simple tools, you can have a home wet bar up and running in time for happy hour.

To build a home wet bar, you will need:

  • Bar sink and cabinet
  • Water pipes (if needed)
  • 3 – 2 by 8 pieces of wood
  • 2 pieces of drywall or plywood
  • 1 piece of wainscoting
  • Countertop
  • Drywall screws
  • Drill
  • Small nails
  • Hammer
  • Shelving bracket
  • Shelves
  1. Find your waterline. In order to install a sink, you will need access to your home's plumbing. You can't just put a sink anywhere. If you are not confident in your ability to find your home's waterline, call a plumber. He will help you find the line and install the sink. If you want water to drain out of the sink (and you do), you will need to connect to a waste or sewer line as well.
  2. Check your electricity. If you want to have a mini-fridge plugged in under your home wet bar or if you just want a light or two, you need to make sure you have electrical outlets installed. Also make sure your home's circuits can handle the extra electricity. You may need to hire an electrician to install a new circuit or two. Since these outlets will be near your waterline, they need to be grounded in case anything happens.
  3. Purchase your supplies.  You will also need to buy a countertop, cut to the size you want the bar to be, as well as three 2 by 8 pieces of wood. Two of the 2 by 8's should be cut to the height of the bar while the third should be cut to the length you want the bar to be. You will also need two pieces of plywood or drywall that measure the width and height of the bar. Buy a piece of wainscoting for the bar's front.
  4. Attach the drywall or plywood to the 2 x 8's. Lay a piece of drywall on the floor. Place one 2 by 8 along its edge. Put the second 2 by 8 on the opposite edge of the drywall. Balance the second piece of drywall on top of the 2 by 8s, so that you have a large box. Attach the top drywall to the wood planks using your drill and dry wall screws. Carefully lift the drywall and 2 by 8's up off the bottom drywall. Lay flat on the floor and position the bottom drywall on top. Attach to the 2 by 8's with the drywall screws.
  5. Attach the wainscoting to the front drywall. Place the wainscoting over the top drywall piece. Use the nails to attach the wainscoting to the drywall.
  6. Stand the bar's wall up and add the countertop. Position the countertop on top of the wall. Depending on the type of material you use for the counter, you may need to add a reinforcement so that the weight of the counter doesn't destroy the wall.
  7. Add shelves underneath the bar. Use drywall screws to attach shelf brackets underneath the bar. The shelves should be about half the width of the bar. Position the shelves on top of the brackets and place any glassware on top. If you are putting a small refrigerator under your bar, place it next to the shelves.
  8. Set up the sink.  Assemble the sink cabinet according to the package's directions. Connect the sink to the pipes in your home (or have your plumber do it). Position the larger part of the bar next to the sink cabinet, so that you end up with an "L" shaped wet bar.


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