How To Build A Home Wine Bar

Whether for entertaining guests or personal enjoyment, knowing how to build a home wine bar can help create a productive weekend project. Things to consider when wishing to install a home wine bar include location, environment and temperature, and budget. A home wine bar can be as simple as a small selection of bottles for personal enjoyment, or an extensive collection requiring a full wine cellar. The possibilities are limited solely by budget, need, and want.

What you'll need to build a home wine bar:

  • Wine rack
  • Wine
  • Wheeled cart (optional)
  • Wet bar kit (optional)
  • Variety of wine glasses
  • Cork screw
  • Bottle stoppers or wine preserver tops
  1. Determine the location for the home wine bar, which would ideally be in an area for entertaining guests. If the location has a counter area already, then a wheeled cart is not necessary. However, if the location is simply the corner of a room, using a wheeled cart such as a breakfast cart with marble top would help make the wine bar more accessible, and portable.
  2. If installing a wet bar is the best option, the simplest way to go about this is to first, select a space, then purchase a do-it-yourself kit that would include all the pieces needed to build the wet bar. If not very handy, then stick with a simple wet bar design such as a straight, single bar top piece or an L-shaped, wrap-around bar piece. Stools would be optional, and depend on whether the bar counter extends over the back of the bar or not.
  3. Select a wine rack that will accommodate the amount of wine that will be stocked in the home wine bar. For example, if this is simply for personal use, a 6-bottle wine rack may suffice, while if this is for entertaining large amounts of people, a 12-bottle or more wine rack would be of greater benefit. Larger wine racks often are stand-alone, requiring no installation but simply a place to rest. Smaller wine racks can sometimes be installed under the edge of a counter or cabinets, similar to how paper towel holders are installed.
  4. The selection of wine glasses should include appropriate stem-ware for all the types of wine in the home wine bar. For example, if serving dessert wines it would be inappropriate to serve them in a large merlot glass, and vice versa. Ideally, there should be sufficient glasses to accommodate the maximum number of potential guests at any one time. Be sure to include champagne flutes, for holidays and special occasions.
  5. Cork screw, wine preservers, bottle stoppers, and other tools should have a convenient spot within the home wine bar set up. If the installed bar, or the wheeled cart, has a drawer or set of drawers for the utensils and tools, this would make accessing them more convenient. Additionally, consider having napkins, wine glass stem tags (to identify one glass from another when entertaining), and an ice bucket for chilling white wines could benefit the wine bartender when entertaining guests.
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