How To Build A Hot Tub Deck

If you have the perfect hot tub, but have wondered how to build a hot tub deck to make it more accessible for friends and family to hang out, fear not! It’s actually not that hard to build one yourself, especially if your hot tub is the standard diameter of six feet. If you are considering making a hot tub deck, most people choose a 12 wide by 16 feet long deck.

Items Needed: 

  • Hammer
  • Saw
  • Nails
  • Drift pins
  • Carriage bolts
  • Ten 12 feet long wood boards (2 by 6 inches)
  • Five 16 feet long wood boards (2 by 6 inches)
  • Six 16 feet long wood boards (2 by 6 inches)
  • Nine 4 by 4 posts
  • Nine blocks (concrete) or pillars

  1. Block off the perimeter. To make the footing of the deck, place your pillars/blocks around the hot tub decking area. You want three in front and three behind the hot tub. Leave four feet to separate each of the posts. At the front of the hot tub, line up three blocks by the remaining six. 
  2. Connect your posts.  Next, using the drift pins, connect the upright posts to your footing pillars or blocks. This is where the 4 by 4 posts go. How high you want the hot tub deck is up to you, but make sure they are up off the ground, at least six inches.
  3. Line the stringers. Grab your carriage bolts and place two 2 by 10 boards together and fasten them.  They should go across the deck’s length and face the front and back of your hot tub deck. Important: Your side posts each need the 16 foot long stringers, the two posts in the middle for the front will get the 7 foot boards, while the one board in the back will get the two foot boards.
  4. Supporting the stringers. Nail your joists (the 2 by 6 feet wood boards), or support boards as they are usually called, to the stringers (top), and run them at a 90 degree angle (perpendicular) to your stringers. They should be two feet from each other, and finishing at the hot tub deck’s edge. Put four of the 12 foot boards in front and two behind. Put three boards on each of the sides (26 inches in length). 
  5. Form your angle bracing. Placing one board on each side, connect the longer boards (joists) in front, behind, and to the other three shorter side boards. Nail more bracing by nailing your diagonal board to your bracing in the corners. This will form an octagon shape around your hot tub.
  6. Nail your joists for blocking support. The blocking board needs to be at least a foot apart from each other, but in a zigzag pattern. Connect the 16 foot headers to your joists to the outer edges (length-wise) 
  7. Lay the surface of the deck. You will need about 250 feet of the 2 by 6 boards in order to lay your surface, which will give you a small space for the drainage between the boards. 

Rent a Margarita machine and fire up the pit. Enjoy the summer now that you know how to build a hot tub deck.

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