How To Build Hunting Blind Chair

Knowing how to build hunting blind chair setup will not only make your time in the bush more comfortable, you will also bag more game. There are several products available from igloo tents to luxury portable shed setups for the hunter who needs internet access, indoor heating, a fridge and a latte machine. If you are rich and have slaves to tote your portable shed around, well then kudos. But realistically, a hunting blind chair setup should be natural and mold into the terrain. This masks human scent and improves the kill rate.

To build a hunting blind chair, you will need:

  • A comfortable chair
  • A good spot
  • Knife or machete
  • Brush
  1. The chair. Before you start figuring out how to build your hunting blind chair setup, you need to think long and hard about the actual chair. You can buy a cheap folding triple leg chair which is easy to tote but after a few hours, your balls will complain about being squished. Office chairs are not that rare in the field because people use whatever they have on hand. While more comfortable, any chair with arm rests can throw you off on quick pivot shots. But everyone is different so find a chair that works for you. Just make sure it is well oiled so you do not squeak in the field.
  2. Hunting ground. It is useless to build a hunting blind chair in an empty spot so scouting ahead is key. Try to get way off the beaten path and frequent the area for at least a month. This will give you ample opportunity to scout the wildlife patterns and grow familiar with the nuances. Also, your scent will be added to the area making it much easier when you hunt.
  3. The spot. You want to build a hunting blind chair in a slight depression to give you more cover. Choose a spot that gives you a wide field advantage like up a slight rise. Areas that offer good cover are downed trees or boulders because you will be building a shelter to mask your presence.
  4. The blind. If perfect spots are not readily available, dig a trench to give you some extra coverage. You want to build a hunting blind chair that incorporates natural brush to mask your various scents and slight movements. Cut brush in an area away from your hunting blind in an effort to keep your spot natural looking. Gather brush to cover you from all sides and then manipulate it so you have a clear 180 degree view of the field. Make sure you leave space for your rifle barrel or extra space for drawing a bow.
  5. Sit. When you build a hunting blind chair setup, you will want to make sure there is ample room inside to maneuver. This is why depressions and trenches are popular to aid you in hunkering down. Place your chair inside your hunting blind and spend some time checking out your setup. The nice thing about using natural brush is that it is very easy to alter to your specifications. You not only want to be comfortable for a long sit but you also need enough room to swivel and fire without knocking down your hunting blind.       
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