How To Build A Hunting Cabin

If you're a hunter, you may need to know how to build a hunting cabin. Luckily, hunting cabins are usually pretty bare and basic, so building a hunting cabin is really not that much work, especially if you know a few tricks.

To build a hunting cabin, you will need:

  • A hunting cabin shell (any shed-type of building can work, such as can be found at your local hardware store)
  • Two-by-four boards upon which to elevate the hunting cabin shell.
  • Optional materials to finish the inside of your cabin shell (drywall, nails, hammers, wood screws, saws, drills and a full set of drill bits)
  • A portable toilet
  1. Buy land on which to build a hunting cabin. Obviously, you must have a spot on which to erect your hunting cabin. Look for land in the area that you expect to hunt and make sure to check any restrictions in the area regarding hunting laws.
  2. Before you build your hunting cabin, check with local zoning laws. There's no sense building that cabin if local laws say it's not allowed! Check to make sure that there are no restrictions about size, outside materials or entrance to the property.
  3. Select the size of your hunting cabin. If you usually hunt alone, your hunting cabin probably doesn't need to be any bigger than eight feet by ten feet. However, if you hunt with three buddies, you need to build a hunting cabin which is at least eighteen by twenty feet.
  4. Lay out a foundation. Two-by-four boards work well to elevate your hunting cabin off the ground and keep the floor from rotting.
  5. Purchase a hunting cabin shell and have it delivered right onto the two-by-four boards. Hunting cabin shells are just the outside of the building. Lots of hunters are happy just having the roof over their head, so the walls don't need to be finished inside.
  6. Purchase a portable toilet and have it delivered to complete your hunting cabin. Hunting cabins generally have no indoor plumbing, so it's quite helpful to have a portable toilet upon which to do your business. Of course, you could go in the woods, but late at night, a portable toilet is the way to go.
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