How To Build A Hunting Dog Box For My Truck

If you hunt with a dog, you may be thinking, "I need to know how to build a hunting dog box for my truck." This article will teach you how to build a hunting dog box for your truck. Building a hunting dog box for the back of your truck can be a simple and rewarding experience. It requires minimal tools and materials and can be completed for a cost of less than $50.

To build a hunting dog box for your truck, you will need:

  • A circular saw or hand saw
  • A jig saw
  • A tape measure
  • A straight edge (a yard stick works but a 4' level would work as well)
  • A drill with a screw bit or a screwdriver
  • A carpenter's pencil
  • A 4' by 8' sheet of 1/2" plywood
  • Five 8' 2" by 2" pine boards
  • A pair of hinges
  • A latch (preferably something lockable so that it does not come open easily)
  • A small piece of welded wire (can be bought in small rolls at most hardware store; be sure the square holes are small enough to keep your dog in)
  • 1" wood screws (1 box)
  • Exterior grade latex paint
  1. Using the carpenter's pencil, tape measure and straight edge, lay out the 4' by 8' sheet of plywood so that you have four 3' by 2' sections and two 2' by 2' sections. Use your saw to cut these sections out. These will make up the sides and top of your hunting dog box.
  2. Cut four 2' 9" sections of 2" by 2" pine board, four 2' sections of 2" by 2" pine board, and four 1' 9" sections of 2" by 2" pine board. These will make up the supports for attaching the sides, top, bottom and ends of your hunting dog box.
  3. Using the screws, attach the four 2' 9" boards to the edge of two of the 3' by 2' sections of plywood. Leave a 1 1/2" space at the end of each board. Use these boards to attach the sides (the other 3' by 2' sheets of plywood) as wells so that you now have a box without ends. Then next step will be to close up the ends of your hunting dog box.
  4. Using one of the 2' by 2' sheets of plywood, attach one pair of 2' 2" by 2" pine boards and one pair of 1' 9" sections of 2" by 2" pine boards around the edges. Then, attach this into the back of the hunting dog box you made in step three using the wood screws.
  5. With the remaining 2' by 2' sheet of plywood, cut a 2" boarder out, being careful not to cut through the edges. Use the remaining 1' 9" pine boards and 2' pine boards to make a boarder on this as you did in step four. Attach this to the front of the hunting dog box.
  6. You should now have a remaining piece of plywood that is 1' 8" square. This is the door. Cut a small window out of the center and attach a piece of the welded wire over the window. Attach the hinges to one side and the latch to the other, then mount the door in the hunting dog box.
  7. The only step left now is to paint the hunting dog box. Use an exterior grade latex paint and repaint the box every couple of years or so.

The hunting dog box is ready to be used on your truck. If you are concerned about it sliding around, you may use one of the many ratchet straps available in hardware stores to tie the box into the bed of your truck. This works quite well as it is easy to remove the box from your truck when not in use. Good luck with your project!

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