How To Build An Indoor Bar

Learning how to build an indoor bar is not too hard. You will need a number of supplies, and an understanding of tool use and craftsmanship, and you must also have a space in your house where you will want the bar to be. Certain materials may be altered to fit your personal desires and match well with the surrounding living space, but for the most part, the same process may be used to build the bar. Following is advice on how to build an indoor bar.

What you need:

  • Wood for bar structure (two by fours)
  • Wood paneling for bar and countertop (granite or marble may also be used for the countertop)
  • Tap to be attached to kegs
  • Powered saw
  • Hammer or nail gun
  • Epoxy
  • Nails
  • Paint and paintbrush
  1. First, decide on where you want the bar. Darker, dimly lit rooms, basements, and spaces such as game rooms are great places for an indoor bar in your house.
  2. Buy all of the supplies that you will need. The paint should match the background walls, and the surface of the bar may be made with polished wood, or other material like granite or marble. These materials may be found at home improvement stores.
  3. Next, begin building. Remove the carpet if there is some where you are building, and build a frame for the bar, nailing two by fours together with two nails at each connection. Building the frame out of two by fours may be done outdoors, and to do this, use long boards to represent width, and studs to represent height and thickness. You can build a front, rectangle part of the frame, which should be four to five feet tall, and as wide as you want, and another, same frame (with long two by fours on top and bottom, and four-five foot studs between) and connect them with horizontal cuts to give it thickness.
  4. Now you should have a two by four bar frame. Nail it to the floor and the wall, attaching it to wall studs, so that the side joins perpendicularly to the wall.
  5. Add the wooden paneling to the bar. In the back, leave a space open in the frame, where you will set the keg. The paneling should be cut to shape and nailed to the two by four frame, so that it covers the frame's dimensions.
  6. Drill a hole in the surface polished wood or stone countertops which you will be suing that corresponds to the placement of the tap. Make sure that the tap fits snugly in here, so that you will be able to pour from it, using beer from the keg below. Install the polished wood or stone countertops. The wood may be nailed on, and countertops should be attached with epoxy, and epoxy should secure the tab in the hole.
  7. Now you should have a bar, attached to the floor and wall, with wooden paneling and a countertop with a tap. Simply load the keg below the tap (you may have to build a small step so that it reaches underneath the bar in the back), and then your bar is functional. As the back, where the keg goes, is not paneled, you may easily remove and replace kegs.
  8. Paint the indoor bar so that it matches the surrounding area of your house, and if you want, build shelves for liquor behind where you will stand in the bar.

Learning how to build an indoor bar is not all that difficult, but you must spend a lot of time making it. Once finished, however, your home will be much more accommodating to you and your guests.

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