How to Build an Indoor Driving Range

Learning how to build an indoor driving range is a serious process that you will need to invest some time in. A large indoor space, and several other items are required for one's construction. Following is advice on how to build an indoor driving range.


  • Large indoor space for driving range
  • Golf green turf
  • Targets
  • Golf balls
  1. There are two ways to start making an indoor driving range. One requires your transforming any basic space into a driving range, and the other has your putting up a large tent over an outdoor, flat, grassy space. Get an indoor space, preferably one that is over 100 feet long, either by clearing out a large building, such as a warehouse or gym, or by putting a large tent up over an outdoor space.
  2. Then, get some green turf, and place it in the middle of one end of the space you will be using for the driving range. From here, you will hit the golf balls toward the other end. Fill buckets with golf balls, and set these beside the green turf.
  3. Then, you must make some way of gauging your accuracy. If you have a very large space, that is 200-300 feet, you may mount ground targets, on the opposite side of the space from where you will practice driving. If your space is smaller, try hanging a banner, or, if using a tent-like structure, mounting a large target on the flexible wall. If hanging a banner, paint a large target, and drape it down so that it is in the right place. Then, practice your driving.

Learning how to build an indoor driving range is no small task, even though only a few steps are required for one's construction. You will need to have a large, flat, indoor or enclosed space, and modify it to make it an ideal area for golf practice.

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