How To Build An Indoor Motocross Track

Learning how to build an indoor motocross track is not an easy job. It requires long hours of work, creativity, and above all, patience. Even so, you will find the building process just as exhilarating as the actual racing itself. First, let me explain what you are getting yourself into: A motocross track can be made up of almost any type of scenery ranging from dirt crests and troughs to dry gravel areas. For an indoor motocross track, care needs to be taken as indoor tracks have safety regulations. Such a track needs a space of about one football ground. Nevertheless, we will try and stick to a simple and easy setup which can be built in any suitable area.

Things required to build an indoor motocross track are:

  • Dirt, sand, or gravel to suit your need
  • Medium sized crane
  • A truck to transfer your dirt
  • Shovels
  • Small road roller
  1. Transferring dirt to chosen location: Gravel or dirt is not that hard to come across. Be sure to contact any of your friends, neighbors, or relatives who are rebuilding or remodeling their home. Sometimes, farmers have excess soil and dirt that they wish to get rid of. Once you get hold of your dirt, lift it up with the crane and transfer it in your truck. You might have to make several tours depending on the size of you truck.
  2. Leveling the dirt: Once the dirt has been off loaded on the area, it will need to be spread on the ground. This is where your shovels come in handy. Get all your friends and family members to do this job, as a lot of labor will be required.
  3. Making your obstacles: Once the dirt is spread, search the internet for different obstacles that can be created. Research will give you a fair idea of what sort of indoor motocross track you have in mind. You can build almost any sort of track containing puddles, high jumps, crests and troughs, or gravel areas. To build your terrain, use your shovel to raise, or lower an area to suit your need. If you need to settle the dirt down in some area, you can use the small road roller.
  4. When building your own motocross track, you must remember that you can rarely get things right the first time around. It is a trial and error procedure which will require a lot of effort before you get your perfect off-road track. However, such a project will not only provide you with a healthy activity, but in the end you can be proud of what you have built.
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