How to Build an Indoor Soccer Field

Learning how to build an indoor soccer field can be challenging. It will be easier to build an indoor soccer field if you create a roadmap of steps to follow. Once your road map is in place, you can begin to build an indoor soccer field.

  1. You will first need to find a big facility to build your indoor soccer field. Building an indoor soccer field is very expensive. The average soccer facility costs between one and five million dollars. To build your indoor soccer field, it would be best to find a warehouse. That will save you a little money. It will also be helpful to visit a couple of existing soccer fields to get a broad understanding of how they operate.
  2. Once you have secured the location for the indoor soccer field, you will need to lay down a proper foundation. A proper foundation for your indoor soccer field is very important. This will help prevent unnecessary injuries to people who play soccer at your indoor facility. In order to have a proper foundation for your indoor soccer facility, you will have to contact a professional contractor. The contractor will know the right mixture of materials to use for the foundation for your indoor soccer field.
  3. The length of your indoor soccer field is very important. The length of an indoor soccer field may not be any longer than one hundred and thirty yards and cannot be shorter than one hundred yards. The width of your indoor soccer field should not exceed one hundred yards and be no less than fifty yards. Please follow these specification to make sure that your indoor soccer field is regulatory.
  4. Now that your soccer field is set up you need to create lines. All the lines need to be five inches in width. You will need to draw several lines on the soccer field. The soccer field needs to be outlined as a rectangle. The field width is called the goal line, and the length of the field is known as the  touchlines. The touchline has to be larger than the goal line. You will need to draw a line that cuts across the field from the center of each touchline. This line will be called your midline. Locate the center of the midline and draw a circle with a radius of ten yards. This will be known as your center mark. Now draw a quarter circle with a radius of one yard extending from each corner of the soccer field onto the playing field. These lines are known as your corner arcs. Drawing soccer lines can be very challenging. Take time drawing these lines. If you don't get it right the first time. Start over, and try again.
  5. Set up your goal and you a good to go. Put a goal on the center of each goal line. Mark the goal area six yards from the inner side of each goal post, and six yard onto the playing field. Now draw a penalty area. The penalty area should be eighteen yards from the inner side of each goal post; it should stretch out eighteen yards onto the playing field. If you follow these steps, you will soon be able to enjoy your indoor soccer field.



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