How To Build An Insulated Dog House

Want to know how to build an insulated dog house? You can build an insulated dog house with just a few simple materials and a little time. An insulated dog house will keep your dog warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. While it can be fun to build one like a castle or a smaller version of your house, a simple box structure with a removable roof works well.

To build an insulated dog house, you will need:

  • 2 x 2 boards for the framing
  • 3/4 exterior plywood or siding for the bottom, sides, and top
  • 1 1/2" foam sheets for insulation
  • 1/4" plywood for interior walls
  • saw
  • nails and hammer or screws and a screwdriver
  • cinder blocks
  • carpet scrap or piece of plastic
  1. Plan the size of your dog house. For the best insulation, the house should be only a couple of inches taller than your dog is when he sits. Make enough room inside for your dog to lie down and turn around comfortably, and a door just wide enough for him to get in and out.
  2. Elevate the dog house on cinder blocks for ventilation and warmth. Cut the platform base out of 3/4" plywood. Cutting the bottom platform a little larger than the dog house can make a small porch on the front.
  3. Cut the 2 x 2 boards for supports at each of the corners and center supports for the sides. Don't forget to leave the opening for the door on the front side. Make a top frame of 2 x 2 boards to support the roof.                
  4. Cut the exterior plywood for the outside of the doghouse and attach to the support boards. Make sure no nails or screws are sticking through to injure your dog. Cut the foam slabs to fit inside the frames and push into place. The tighter these are, the better. Then cut the thinner plywood to fit on the inside of the frames, making an insulation sandwich.
  5. Cut a piece of exterior plywood for the roof. Make it a couple of inches bigger on each side for an overhang. If your doghouse includes a porch, the roof can be made big enough to cover this, as well. Make a frame of 2 x 2 boards to fit inside the 2 x 2 framing on the top of the dog house, and attach the smaller frame to the bottom of the roof. Cut a piece of foam to push inside the roof frame so that the roof of your doghouse is insulated.
  6. Place the finishing touches. Put a piece of carpet, rug, or plastic over the door to keep out drafts. Add straw, cedar shavings, or bedding to help keep your dog snug in his new insulated dog house. 
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