How To Build An Internet Radio Station

Building a radio station online is not as hard as many think. All a broadcaster needs is a computer some music and a quiet place to broadcast. Here are a few tips to get started with.

  1. Decide What to Play– One of the first things a broadcaster needs to do is to figure out what kind of music he or she wants to play on the radio station. This will help build an Internet radio station that is what he or she wants to have. It will also help with finding the legal ways to license the music that is being played.
  2. Build the Set Up– When a broadcaster decides to get serious with learning how to build an Internet radio station, he or she will need a proper table or desk to set up the equipment on. This can be anything from a kitchen table to a desk that has been set up for this purpose. This will all depend on the needs of the broadcaster and what he or she plans on doing.
  3. Equipment Needed– There is some equipment that will help build an Internet radio station and make things that much easier to run. The first is a microphone that can be used for the broadcast. This will make the broadcasters voice sound better and work better for the broadcast. Another piece of equipment to build an Internet radio station is a mixer to help with keeping the music going. This will help to overlap the songs so there is no dead time on the station. This will also help with the advertising blurbs and the introductions to the radio station.
  4. A Place to Broadcast– After the broadcaster has a set up that will work to help build an Internet radio station he or she will like operating, then it’s time to find a place on the Internet to broadcast from. There are a couple of options available to a broadcaster. The first is to set up a server within the broadcaster’s computer or to reserve space on a virtual server on the Internet. These are good options for the experienced broadcasters.

Another option is to build and Internet radio station on a radio station website. There are several on the Internet to pick from. Most of these will have licenses built in to the price of the radio station space every month. This is great so the broadcaster doesn’t have to worry about paying extra for the licenses and can play whatever they want too.

 When a broadcaster decides to build an Internet radio station, he or she should think about all of the options that are in front of the broadcaster. This will help the broadcaster to build an Internet radio station that makes him or her happy and will be what he or she really wants.

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