How To Build A Jet Ski Boat

Congratulations—now you can stop asking how to build a jet ski boat. The next several steps will be encouraging to the millions (or few) of you who wish to build a jet ski boat. Some might be put off by this daunting task. It’s alright. In no time you’ll be cruising the smooth waters of success. You will definitely need a moderate amount of time to dedicate for this task.


  • At least a 25-35 horse-power (HP) out board motor with steering mechanism. Look for a Yamaha or Kawasaki. Remember, the goal is to be cost effective so don’t forget about Craig’s List and eBay.
  • One 5-7ft Fiberglass reinforced boat or study flotation device. Look for an old boat with no cracks or leaks.
  • Two mounting bolts and clips.
  • One study piece of plywood.
  • One eighteen volt cordless drill.
  • One box of steel screws.
  • One tape measure.
  • One broom and damp towel.
  • One wood sander.
  • One can of wood sealer.
  • One skill saw.
  • One old airplane seat.
  • A willingness to take a chance for the cause.
  1.  First, prepare your area of attack. Some call it a work area. You will be spending your most valuable time here. Keep it clean and organized.
  2. Remove all foreign particles from the boat. Take a broom and sweep off all possible cobwebs or dirt. Also, try taking a damp cloth and wipe down excess dust.
  3. Plug your sander in and smooth out the boat. No need to go at too quick of a pace but make consistent “back and forth” strokes.
  4. Apply wood sealer to boat. Use the same sanding method. Put the sealer on smooth and carefully. This is where the fun comes in.
  5. Stick the piece of plywood on top of the boat. Measure the right style of cut needed for jet ski platform. Use either a standard tape measure or string.
  6. Cut the plywood according to plan. Again, before cutting, make sure the design is right. Balance the plywood on top of saw horses or large table. A table saw will also work. However, the skill saw will help round out the corners and edges. Key thought:  Proper bolt and screw placement is determined by work done before.
  7. Screw the plywood on top of the boat. You should now be able to recognize your jet ski boat. Take the piece of plywood and position, again, on top of the boat. Don’t screw any more then six inches part. Use plenty of screws to ensure a safe platform.
  8. Cut out six-inch square in back of the boat. You guessed it Einstein, this is for the motor.
  9. Bolt down the motor. Simple, enough right? Well, it can be. Use plenty of caution as not to hurry and cost yourself thousands. Most modern boat engines are built to be mounted on something. Mount the engine to the plywood using the bolts and clips. The engine will rest on the outside of the boat, while attached to the plywood.
  10. Bolt down jet ski boat chair. Borrow some bolts and clips from above to complete this step. The eighteen volt drill should be sufficient power.
  11. Put your seat belt on. Start the engine and take off.


* Drive in a safe area and try to avoid high boat traffic lakes.

* Try not to use rivers where rocks and rapids are an issue.

* Always where your seat belt and follow local boat and safety laws.

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