How To Build A Jon Boat

Knowing how to build a Jon Boat is a good exercise if you have interest in fishing or navigating in shallow water. Also it is much cheaper than buying one and helps you to customize the size, look and comfort factor according to your needs. Jon boat is a flat bottomed small boat which can be made from aluminum, wood or fiberglass.

You will need the following:

  • Material to Build (for example wood or aluminum)
  • Machinery According to Material (for example saw for wood or welding machine for aluminum)
  • Waterproof Glue
  • Lipid Nails
  • Screws
  • Hammer


  1. Planning. First you need to plan out the construction to build a Jon boat. Select the type of material to use, which can be wood, aluminum, fiberglass or even polythene (take wood for example in this case).Find blueprints of the design you like for you Jon boat. Get the tools required according to the material (in this case woodwork equipment).
  2. Cutting. Start to build your Jon boat by cutting the material using the appropriate equipment. For wood use a saw to cut the planking in sheets. Cutting must be accurate to the measurements in blueprints. Cut plywood for deck, bottom and side planking, use cuttings of pine lumber for frames and chine logs and solid oak for chine molding.
  3. Assembling. To build the Jon boat, assemble the parts. Align the side frame parts on both of the sides of plywood now using a hammer nail them firm in position. Turning over the sides join the side frame and log chine securing with screws. Now tie the end frame parts in position and nail chine log with the planking at the bottom. Join all parts of rear, front and side planking. Use waterproof glue to avoid leaks.



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