How To Build a Kayak Cart

Learning how to build a kayak cart is not too difficult. You will need supplies to begin and you must have a solid understanding of tool use and craftsmanship. Additionally, you will need to dedicate some time on the project. The following is some advice on how to build a kayak cart.


  • Old wagon or cart with axle and wheels
  • Long two-by-four boards
  • Saw (table saw or electric hand saw)
  • Hack saw
  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Sandpaper
  • Wood finish
  • Foam wrap
  • Drill
  1. Buy all of the supplies you will need. Any old wagon or cart–which may be found at a yard sale, in the backyard or at a dump will work–and the remaining supplies are available at any home improvement or construction supply company.
  2. Using the hack saw, cut the supports of the cart so you can have its axle and wheels still connected together.
  3. Remove one wheel from the axle and build the frame of the kayak cart upon which the craft will rest.
  4. Make a square two-by-four box frame that has the width and height of your kayak's width. It should have two sides, a flush top and its bottom side should be nailed between the two other sides so that it is up about five inches from the bottom of the two sides. You should now have a wooden box with an indented bottom.
  5. Drill holes through the bottoms of the two sides, which extend down below the bottom side of the wood so they are evenly spaced on each side and horizontal. Run the axle through this and attach the other wheel.
  6. On top of the box nail two short pieces of two-by-four boards extending upwards and outwards,like rabbit ear antennae. Sand the entire frame and apply a wood finish or varnish. Then, coat the two top, outward facing pieces of wood with foam wrap, as the bottom of the kayak will rest between them. Put your homemade cart to use!

Learning how to build a kayak cart at home is not too difficult. You just need to know the standards of your final creation's shape and purpose as you are building it, but if you take your time, a nice, functional cart will result.

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