How To Build Kitchen Sink Cabinets

When you are learning how to build kitchen sink cabinets, you will find it is much like building regular base cabinets. Kitchen sink cabinets are the cabinets that hold the sink and plumbing. Although exact plans will be tailor for your needs, below you will find instructions on a basic kitchen sink base design.

To build kitchen sink cabinets, you will need:

  • ¾-inch plywood

  • combination square

  • table saw or circular saw

  • finish nails

  • hinges

  • door knobs or handles

  • hammer

  • wood glue

  • jig saw

  • corrugated fasteners

  • screws

  • level

  • drill

  1. Determine the size. Standard kitchen base cabinets are 34 ½-inches high and 23-inches deep. The width of the kitchen sink base is entirely up to you. Generally Kitchen sink cabinets are 36-inches with 2 false drawer fronts and 2 doors.

  2. Cut your wood. Starting with the ply wood cut your pieces for the sides and the shelf. The exact measurements are up to your design plan. The shelf is also optional. Many people add a garbage disposal that would be interfered with by a shelf. Once you cut all your pieces move on to the next step.

  3. Assembly of the base. Connect the sides of the kitchen sink base to the back and the front panels securing them with glue and other chosen fastener. Screws will provide a better bind but should only be used on the sides and if they will be surrounded by other kitchen base cabinets. Finish nails and corrugated fasteners are good choices for visual aesthetics.

  4. Doors and drawer fronts. Once you have your kitchen sink cabinet base assembled lay it on its back and center the doors to mark for the hinges. Use level and combination square to be sure the doors are centered and level. Secure faux drawer fronts so that they match with the rest of the cabinet design.

  5. Installation. Set cabinet upright and check the doors to ensure they are operating correctly. Screw kitchen sink cabinet to the wall to secure using shims to level it out. Install the counter top of your choosing and finish the plumbing. Your new kitchen sink cabinet will be ready for use before you know it.   

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