How To Build A Lamborghini

While learning how to build a Lamborghini might seem like a daunting task, there are some ways to make it easier on yourself. Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. is a wholly owned subsidy of Volkswagen Group, and has been in production since the 1964 Lamborghini 350GT made its inaugural debut. Traditionally, Lambos, as they are often called, are know for luxury, power, and perfection in design. The company's founder, Ferrucio Lamborghini, set out to build a Grand Touring automobile with extreme refinement, and as we know today he succeed quite well with it.

Nowadays, there are numerous Lamborghini car kit builders and do-it-yourself tools that enable those willing (and financed) to build their very own, state of the art automobile. Of course, if you want to build a Lamborghini, don't expect to coast down easy street. Now, while these might be replicas, there will be no doubt in everyone's mind that you are truly flying in one of the nicest automobiles out there today.

Here is our list of supplies we will need:

  • Donor Car (a Fiero will work great)
  • Tools (everything from drill bits to a welder)
  • Lamborghini parts (or a Lamborghini full-kit)
  • Accessories for kit
  • Lamborghini engine (a longitudinally mounted V8)
  1. First off, you will need tools including wrenches, electric drill, drill bits, screw drivers, a hammer, and many other skills, items, and reference materials all listed on's page.
  2. Second, you will most assuredly need a donor car. Sure you can build a Lamborghini from the ground up, but consider the donor car the basis for what will become your luxury Grand Touring. Most people find an '80s Pontiac Fiero to be quite useful.
  3. Third, get the kit delivered. There are hosts of Lamborghini replica kits available for you to order, and simply using an Internet search engine will yield tens of thousands of results for parts, tools, and sets. Now, the building will start, and it will begin with the body prep (as listed on LamboBuilder's website), then move onto the Front End, Decklids, Lights and Grills, Mounting Body, Interior, and finally the Windows. In depth instructions on how to construct each and every part can be Googled in the worse case scenario. When you build a Lamborghini, care is needed at every step, so expect in-detail instructions varying on your tools and kit.

Remember, as with any construction, make sure you do this with others and have help on every stage of the production of your custom-built Lamborghini. Hopefully, with a few years of effort (or less with dedicated work) you can be driving your very own replica for a small fraction of the price of a real luxury automobile. The best part of all of it is, it is your very own Lamborghini that you have constructed yourself.

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