How To Build Laundry Chutes

Learning how to build laundry chutes will allow you to easily transfer dirty laundry to the laundry room of your home. It can be quite tiring to carry heavy loads of laundry from upstairs to the laundry room several times a day. Many people prefer to have a laundry shoot in their home because it eliminates the need for hampers all over their homes, and it enables them to gather all of their dirty laundry in a designated area.

To build laundry chutes, you will need:

  • Jigsaw
  • Tape measure
  • Two laundry baskets
  • Screws
  • Power screwdriver
  • Half inch plywood


  1. Begin by selecting a location for the laundry chute. The chute should be in a closed off area, such as a closet located directly above the laundry room.
  2. After you verify that there are no electrical, plumbing, or gas lines, begin framing out a one-foot by one-foot section. Cut the designated section out of the floor. Make sure the cut goes the entire way through, exposing a hole into the ceiling of the laundry room.
  3. Clear out the hole, and measure the depth of the hole. You will want to measure the area from the surface of the floor to the surface of the ceiling.
  4. Cut two sections of plywood that are twelve inches wide and the length determined by the depth. Cut two more sections of plywood that are eleven inches wide and the length determined by the depth.
  5. Assemble the plywood box liner. Make a box that is twelve inches in both widths, and the height determined by the depth. Insert this box into the hole as a lining, and screw it into place.
  6. Prepare the top laundry basket. Measure and cut a twelve inch by twelve inch section from the bottom of the laundry basket. Line up the basket hole with the hole in the floor, and screw the basket into place. Place the other laundry basket on the floor directly below the chute.
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