How To Build A Laundry Shelf

Learning how to build a laundry shelf can sharpen your carpentry skills and provide your family with an efficient space to store laundry room essentials. Laundry shelves can be equipped with a folding station, laundry basket, detergents and dryer sheets. Here you will find the steps needed to create a laundry shelf.

To build a laundry shelf, you will need:

  • Flat-topped washing machine or dryer
  • 2 (2 x 4) pieces of plywood
  • 6 long screws
  • Scissors
  • Screw driver
  • Saw
  • Staple gun
  • Paint (optional)
  • Vinyl tablecloth
  • 1 sheet of plywood
  1. Measure around the chosen appliance. First you will need to chose if you will use the washer or dryer as your platform for the foldable laundry shelf. Whichever one is closest to the wall is best. Measure the area from the wall where your shelf will be attached to the opposite end of the appliance. This should form a rectangle and will be the area used for your laundry shelf. Use your saw to cut the sheet of plywood to fit these measurements.
  2. Install the laundry shelf supports. The two 2 x 4 pieces of plywood will be used as the supports for your laundry shelf. One piece should be placed on the back wall while the other should be placed on the side wall parallel to the appliance. The two supports should become together to form a 90 degree angle. The shelving supports should be level with the height of your appliance so that when the laundry shelf is folded down, the washer or dryer helps to support the weight.
  3. Paint the plywood to color coordinate the room. Although this step is optional, many will prefer to paint the shelf and supports as these will be seen. The supports can be painted the same color as the background wall so that it blends in. The sheet of plywood does not necessarily need to be painted as this will be covered in the vinyl tablecloth.
  4. Cut the vinyl tablecloth and staple in place. The vinyl tablecloth will be used to cover the top of the sheet of plywood. Cut the fabric into a rectangle that is about three inches larger than the plywood sheet. Wrap the vinyl tablecloth snuggly around the plywood and use the staple gun to staple the tablecloth on the back. Fold the excess fabric on the corners and staple beneath.
  5. Lay the shelf down on the appliance and supports. The laundry shelf made from the plywood sheet and tablecloth can now be placed on the wall supports and appliance. This surface can be used to lay your laundry baskets or other essentials, as well as a useful folding station. When the appliance needs to be cleaned, simply remove the surface and replace after cleaning.

Many people have a difficult time finding their laundry essentials while in the laundry room as there is typically little space to move around. When you have a flat top washer or dryer, a laundry shelf can be used to provide space for folding cloths and holding laundry needs.

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