How To Build A Loft In A Bedroom

Are you unsure of how to build a loft in a bedroom? Creating a loft in the bedroom is made by using the same amount of space you currently have but maximizing your homes effectiveness. Make sure the area you intend to use has at least eight feet of height. You will gain floor space and also increase the value of your home when it comes time to sell. Your home may even sell faster with the addition of the bedroom loft.

To build a loft in a bedroom, you will need:

  • Drywall to replace what is knocked down on the ceiling area plus enough drywall to cover the new space
  • Insulation
  • nails
  • wood or pressboard and floor material (tile, carpet or linoleum)
  • paint for your new ceiling and walls
  • saw
  • mask
  1. Remove the drywall forming the existing ceiling to expose the buildings interior beams. If this bedroom has a floor above it, you can leave the beams exposed. For a top story bedroom, drywall can be placed just over the beams and rolled or blown insulation for the raised ceiling plus on the newly created area.
  2. Drywall the ceiling and walls. Tape and mud the seams as needed. Sand to a smooth finish. Wear a mask to avoid breathing in the drywall dust. Finish by painting the ceiling and walls.
  3. Use hard wood or pressboard and your choice of flooring in your newly exposed space.  Space can be borrowed from an area that is over a hallway, bathroom, closet or adjoining bedroom  or any combination of these areas to create a loft room big enough for open storage or to place a mattress and dresser or night stands in.
  4. The loft will allow the original bedroom space to be used more efficiently. The remaining space can be used for remaining pieces of furniture or as a sitting room or office.
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