How To Build A Mini Chopper

Many riders want to know how to build a mini chopper bike. The reasons are endless, but having a mini version of this special ride is always something cool to own. You can pimp it the way you want it, in any style your heart desires. Start your own collection now, because any combination is possible for this special tiny replica.

To build a mini chopper, you will need:

  • Build Manual
  • Open Space
  • Lubrication
  • Tools Set
  1. Get The Frame. For this mini chopper project, welding is not a huge job. In fact, you can do it yourself with some bars and a couple of bends here and there. The same applies for the fork and the sidebars. If not, put some Ape hangers to add some style. Remember, this is a mini bike, so you don’t have to be big on mechanical skills. Although, you can always get the frame kit and put the parts together. We recommend you use the Mini Chopper You Weld Frame & Fork Kit, so that you can check all the parts and study them.
  2. Buy The Right Powertrain. If you want to have very good performance, then you should definitely buy a Briggs and Straton Vanguard Engine. This is the best item you could ever imagine for your mini chopper project, with a 90 Degree overhead valve, V-Twin. You can choose 16hp or 23 hp. Try to add a centrifugal clutch setup and also a full disc brake setup, gas tank and batteries, exhaust and mufflers to your like.
  3. Get The Wheels. There are many options here. What about adding some mini motocross wheels, for a change? Those will work absolutely amazing with the powertrain above. Another cool feature you could also add are Riding Lawn Mower wheels. It’s all up to you in the end.
  4. Other Accessories. You should consider having things like 7/8” Throttle Twist Grip, mini chopper seats, which come in different models, some nice fiberglass fenders, and if you feel like it, saddlebags.
  5. Putting it All Together. The whole process of assembling won’t take you more than one week. Have some manuals and CDs at hand to help you, if you feel unsure about a specific part. Once everything is put together, take some time to do proper maintenance and test if everything works well. If it does, it’s time for the next part.
  6. The Paint Job. You have two choices for your mini chopper. If it’s going to be for the kids with a short fork and frame, paint the bike in a color they will love. If it’s for you, then add some hardcore designs and colors. Use paint, powder coating, abrasive brushes, and at the end, polish it with love.
  7. Test It Outside. After all the hard work you've invested in your mini hog, it’s time for the final chopper test. Take it outside and ride it carefully just for the first time. Do the last adjustments, and that’s it. You can now enjoy your new customized mini chopper: a small ride with big attitude for sure.
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