How To Build A Mini Ping Pong Table

It is easy to learn how to build a mini ping pong table out of plywood. A mini ping pong table is fun and won’t take up too much space. It folds up for easy storage and provides hours of competitive sport. Invite your friends over for challenges and teach the children a game they’ll love to play.

What you need to build a mini ping pong table:

  • Two 2-foot by 3-foot plywood boards
  • Four 8-inch folding brackets and screws
  • Two 2-inch hinges
  • Two sections of 2-foot by 3-foot green felt
  • White paint
  • Glue
  • Pre-made ping pong net
  • Four metal predrilled legs
  • Drill and Phillips head bit
  1. The first step in building a mini ping pong table is drilling the brackets to the boards. Mark the two corners of the first board at the corners of the two-foot long side. Using the drill, attach a folding bracket to a corner of the first board so the bracket closes along the two-foot side. Place the second bracket on the other corner of the two-foot long side so that it closes along the long side of the board.
  2. Repeat step one for the other board. When this is finished, the brackets should lie closed and not touching each other but in a pattern around the bottom of the mini ping pong table.
  3. Drill the metal legs into the appropriate holes on the brackets. Repeat this process for all four legs. Make sure they are properly secured or the table will be wobbly or fall down if someone leans on it.
  4. Measure two inches in from both edges on the inside two-foot end of the boards. This is where you will place the hinges. Make sure you measure the spots identically on both boards to guarantee the boards are even when you fold up the mini ping pong table.
  5. Set up the ping pong table so that it is standing. Glue the green felt onto the table sections. Use something flat to help push any air bubbles out from under the felt.
  6. Paint a white line down the middle of each green felt mini ping pong tabletop. This is the line that allows for four people to play at a time in teams of two.
  7. Attach the pre-made ping pong net and play a game. Enjoy your newly build mini ping pong table.


  • It is easier to buy a pre-made net rather than make one, but it can be done with netting, dowels, and clamps.
  • Make the ping pong table any color you want. You do not need to use green.
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