How To Build An MMA Fighting Ring

After shelling out 45 bucks to watch a bunch of guys beat the heck out of each other on pay per view, it is only natural to wonder how to build an MMA fighting ring. Since there are no regulations governing ring design, you can let the creative juices flow. Just like the blood. This is a great way to meet your neighbors, impress the girls and learn about law. Not just the law of Beat or Be Beaten! But also law enforcement. Seriously, you might want to look that one up in your town. For some reason, many communities frown upon backyard blood sports.

To build an MMA fighting ring, you will need:

  • Imagination
  • Barbed wire or chain link fencing
  • Metal fence poles
  1. DIY savages. The fact that people actually build MMA fighting rings in their backyards is not surprising. Why pay 45 bucks when you can enjoy the local talent in your area for free?  Plus, 45 bucks can buy you barbed wire hog fencing materials for your very own Ring of Death. For this fan favorite, sink four poles into your lawn, mud, gravel or whatever you got outside your trailer and string it with the barbed wire. Surprisingly enough, the fighters do less chasing in this setup and more pummeling. Though regulation is completely un-American, you should make one rule. No face scraping. Someone could lose an eye.
  2. Caged savages. The crowd always loves a chain link cage. They can throw bottles, spit and grab the fighters when they are slammed against the wire. Four poles and some chain link fencing are all you need. You can actually build this setup using plastic zip ties. This includes the opening. Two men go in and you seal the gap with plastic zip ties. It adds tension and drama to the match. Much like the barbed wire, the fighters are encouraged not to get too close to the edge. Especially when there are smokers in the crowd.


  • Organizing any sort of blood sport contest is most likely illegal in your town.
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