How To Build A Motocross Track

Figuring out how to build a Motocross track is a very enjoyable endeavor. It's like playing one of those motorbike racing video games in real life. You know the ones where you can design your own track? For those of you that don't know what a Motocross track is, just think dirt bikes. Have you ever been flipping through the channels and come across some obscure sports channel and seen six guys on dirt bikes racing through and obstacle course? Well, that course is a Motocross Track. It's specifically designed to test the rider's skills on high powered dirt vehicles. Wouldn't designing one of those Motocross tracks be a blast? Yeah, we thought so too. Here's how to build a Motocross track.

  1. Location, Location, Location. You can't just throw up a Motocross track anywhere. The proper location is essential. These tracks are definitely the off road types of venues. Dirt in all it's forms make up the foundations of a great Motocross track.
  2. Hills and Valleys. In order to create a kick-ass track, you need to have obstacles and would-be pitfalls. A straight away track is just boring though you need your track to have a slight straight away to help even the odds between the racers.. You need to have an escalating succession of hills. You need mud traps and speed bumps. You need sharp turns and dangerous jumps. You need these elements because they truly test the rider's skills at handling their off road motorbike.
  3. The Design. You want a track that's going to keep the racers on their toes. You don't want to crowd all of your obstacles in one corner of the track. Nor can you have them too spaced out. Your best bet is to have no more than two short straight aways to keep the race balanced. Everything else is up to your personal designing preferences. Just don't make the track too easy for the riders.
  4. Building it. You may need to get guys with those earth moving monstrosities to help with the formation of the hills and valleys. A simple water hose can be used to make your mud traps. So get to it. The track wont build itself. If you can't get one of those diesel powered machines to help with your little project, five buddies a few shovels and a boatload of free weekends will accomplish the same goal.



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