How To Build Paddle Tennis Courts

Learning how to build paddle tennis courts is not too hard, but you must have access to a large space, and the process may require time and money. If you have not already got a hard-bottomed space to work on, you will need to have concrete poured. Following is some advice on how to build paddle tennis courts.

How to Build Paddle Tennis Courts: Materials

  • Large, outdoor space (the court will be approximately 50 feet by 20 feet overall)
  • Concrete
  • Tennis net
  • Ground marker
  • Tape Measurer
  • Chain link fencing
  • Shovel

How to Build Paddle Tennis Courts:

  1. First, find a large, outdoor space which will be used to make the court.
  2. If the ground is soft (not black top or concrete) and not flat or even, smooth it out with a shovel. Then, hire a concrete company to pour the areas which will be your court, a space of 50 feet by twenty feet.
  3. Once you have a large, hard bottomed court area, surround it with chain link fencing, which will prevent stray balls from soaring out of range. High fencing is best. Some space may be allowed as extra room around the edges of the court, between it and the fencing that you are putting up. You can hire any fencing company to do this step perfectly.
  4. Once you have a court space that is enclosed with fencing, you will need to transform the space into an actual court. Using a ground marker, make one straight line down the middle, lengthwise, of the court, which will designate serving areas (as paddle tennis courts are too small for doubles games). Then, using a tape measure, note the exact middle of the court, hang the net there, and then play tennis!

Learning how to build paddle tennis courts is not too hard, but the entire process represents a serious project. Once finished, the court can be a source of great fun for athletes at home.

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