How To Build A Paintball Gun

Knowing how to build a paintball gun allows you the opportunity to create a custom gun. The paintball gun can be an expensive toy but with a few household items it can be made for much less. Whenever you play with the paintball gun be sure to wear old clothes because the paintball can crush by accident and the paint will get everywhere.

Things you will need to build your own paintball gun:

  • Latex balloon
  • Paper towel core
  • Duct tape
  • Scissors
  1. Snip the mouth piece of the latex balloon off with a pair of scissors. Be careful not to puncture the balloon in any other area so it will hold air. To build your own paintball gun, you only need the main part of the balloon so toss the mouth piece in the garbage.
  2. Place the paper towel core on its end so it is vertical on a flat surface. Pull the opening of the latex balloon apart until it is opened large enough to go fit over one end of the core. Place the balloon on the end of the core this is the main component in building the paintball gun.
  3. Secure the latex balloon to the core with duct tape. Place a strip of duct tape so half of the width covers the balloon and the second half covers the core. Make a couple of wraps around and press it in place to build your own paintball gun.
  4. Test the paintball gun outside. Grip the paintball gun with your hand in front of the tape line. Hold the open end of the paintball gun upward and place a paintball inside. The paintball with go all the way inside the balloon of your paintball gun.
  5. Point the paintball gun at your target and hold the paintball and balloon with the free hand.
  6. Pull on the balloon with the paintball inside until it is fully extended. Let the balloon and paintball go. When you release it the paintball will fire into the target and explode.
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