How To Build Pedal Cars

Need to know how to build pedal cars? Thought about building a pedal car as your next weekend project but have no clue how to begin? Then this is the guide for you. Building a pedal car is simple to do; all you need is to take a day out of your weekend. Well, two days if you plan on painting your pedal car. Before you get started, you are going to need some supplies.

To build a pedal car, you will need:

  • A pre-built pedal frame
  • Four bicycle wheels
  • A steering column
  • A bicycle transmission
  • A pedal car body
  1. The first step to building a pedal car is to mount the seat to your frame. After that, attach the wheels to the front and back axle.
  2. Draw a line from the front of the wheel to the middle of the pedal car frame. Now draw a line from the middle of the pedal car frame to the back wheel of the car.
  3. Drop the steering column through a cycle drop tube. Now attach the steering arms at 90 degree angles.
  4. Connect the bicycle transmission. This is done by attaching the sprocket to the real axle, then attaching the bicycle gear box to your pedal car frame. Now attach the chain and you are done connecting the bicycle transmission to your pedal car.
  5. The fifth and final step in building a pedal car is to install the brake calipers on the rear wheels. Add a steering wheel to the pedal car steering colunm. Now put the pedal car body onto the frame and congratulations; you now know how to build a pedal car.



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