How To Build A Picnic Table

If you love barbecues and outdoor meals, consider learning how to build a picnic table that you can take anywhere. With folding legs and a compact size, a portable picnic table with portable benches can fit into the backseat of your car. You’ll have the freedom to enjoy meals anywhere, and never have to worry about getting to the park early to catch a picnic table before they are all taken.

To build this picnic table you will need:

  • 3 2×4 lumber, 36 inches (for the table frame length)
  • 2 2×4 lumber, 24 inches (for the table frame width)
  • Plywood tabletop, 40 inches by 24 inches.
  • 4 2×4 lumber, 28 inches (for the table legs)
  • 4 table leg hinges.
  • 2 hardwood boards, 36 inches by 10 inches (for the bench seats)
  • 8 2×4 lumber, 16 inches (for the bench legs)
  • 8 back flap hinges (for the bench legs)
  • 3” Nails
  1. Build the picnic table frame. Place two frame length sections (36 inches) on your work surface, facing each other. Connect them with two frame width sections (24 inches) on the outside. The assembled picnic table frame should be 40 inches by 24 inches. Nail the sections together, then add the middle length support (the final 36 inch section) at the center of the frame.
  2. Build the picnic table legs. Mount the picnic table legs (28 inches) inside the frame using the table leg hinges. Begin by attaching one leg then fold it. Now attach a leg on the opposite side of the table, moving a little to the side so as to be out of the path of the first folded leg. Before affixing the leg with its hinge, make sure there is plenty of room for it to fold without hitting the leg opposite. Finally, repeat this step for the other set of legs.
  3. Install the picnic table surface. Now turn the picnic table over and place the plywood over the frame and nail it in place.
  4. Build the picnic table benches. Attach the bench legs to the hardwood boards using the back flap hinges. Because the hardwood board is 36 inches wide, you don’t have to worry about the legs clashing when you fold them. Therefore, install the legs at the corners.
  5. Weather proof your picnic table and benches. Spray paint your picnic table and benches with weather proof paint. Let the first coat dry, then repeat for a durable finish.
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