How To Build A Pool Table

Let’s face it pool tables are not cheap and instead of buying one why not learn how to build a pool table? It can save you money, allow you to bond with friends and allow you to bond with your son or daughter if you have one.  If building a pool table sounds like something you want to do then head down to the nearest hardware store you are going to need these materials.

  • Wood
  • Felt
  • Power tools
  • Staple gun
  • Nuts and bolts
  • Sandpaper
  • Nets
  • Level


  1. Decide the dimensions of your pool table. Most pools tables are 44 by 88 inches. When thinking about how tall you are going to have your pool table think about the average height of the players. If they are tall make the table tall if they are short make it short and if they are average make it an average height.
  2. Cut wood. Cut the wood to fit your dimensions of the pool table. Make sure the playing surface wood is hard or else the wood will bend after a lot of use.
  3. Cut the divots for six holes one at each corner and one in the middle of each side. Make sure the holes match up with each other.
  4. Make the edges of the pool table. Depending on your dimensions the size of the edge of your pool table may vary. If you use the standard pool size dimensions then the edge is about 5.5 inches wide. Do not use cheap wood since this is the part of the pool table people really notice.
  5. Cut beams to serve as the legs of your table. Now you can A finish the table by staining it or B paint it. Since it is a custom pool table paint it and make it your own work of art.
  6. Staple the felt onto the table. All you have to assemble the table and congratulations you have finished building your custom pool table.
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