How To Build Portable Hunting Blinds

Learning how to build portable hunting blinds can be a fairly simple and straight forward process. Ideally, the best hunting blinds allow you to see in a 360-degree direction without being seen by wildlife. Of course, you can always purchase a portable hunting blind, but this will come at a high price. Instead, consider building your own portable blind. When done correctly, you can erect one in a matter of minutes.

To build a portable hunting blind you will need

  • Four to eight poles five foot  in length (Wooden, PVC, or Piping)
  • Saw
  • Hammer
  • Camouflage Netting
  • Spray Paint (green, brown, grey)
  1. Cut your poles to the appropriate length. The poles of your portable hunting blind can be made from any type of material: wood, PVC or pipe. When using a shiny material, like piping, to construct your portable hunting blind, spray paint it with a camouflage color, so as to not attract attention.
  2. Cut the poles so they form a spike on one end. You will be driving the poles for your portable hunting blind directly into the ground with a hammer. If possible, and you expect a hard or frozen ground, cut the poles so they resemble a spike on one end. This will allow them to be easily driven into the earth.
  3. Begin erecting your portable hunting blind. Begin to drive the poles for the hunting blind into the ground. You will want to erect a square or rectangular space. The more poles you drive into the ground, the more room you will have to move around.
  4. Hang the camouflage netting over the poles. Erecting the rest of your portable hunting blind is a snap. Just hang the netting over the poles. You can cut holes into various spots in the netting to allow you to see all areas of the landscape.
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