How To Build A Powder Coating Oven

Learn how to build a powder coating oven for better profit opportunities. The materials needed are found in hardware stores, machine shops, or even junk shops. The steps below will show you how to make an approximately 3×5 feet powder coating oven which is big enough for bike frames and common car bumper.

What you need:

  • Pencil and eraser

  • Ruler/T-Square

  • Construction measuring tape

  • Metal sheers for adjustments

  • Work gloves

  • 2 (38 inches x 10.5 feet) sheet metal for the side walls

  • 2 (26×58 inches) sheet metal for the base and top cover

  • 2 (30×26 inches) sheet metal for the inside surface

  • 1 (40×56 inches) sheet metal for door

  • 1 (22X38 inches) sheet metal for the back cover

  • 2 (5 feet long) 2×5 metal stud

  • 3 (22 inches long) 2×5 metal stud

  • Sheet Metal Break

  • Metal Drill

  • Screws or Rivets

  • Screwdriver or Pop rivet gun

  • 2 Burner pans

  • 2 (3×5 feet) Insulation for the sides

  • 2 (26×60 inches) Insulation for the base and top cover

  • 1 (26×36 inches) Insulation for the door

  • 1 (22×36 inches) Insulation for the back cover

  • 2 medium sized hinges for the door

  • Oven electrical heating system (from old ovens or junk shops)

  • Metal scraps



  1. Bend the sheet metal for the body to form the walls of the powder coating oven. If you don’t have sheet metal break you can ask or pay a machine shop to have the sheet metals bent for you. If that’s not possible too then get a 2×4 piece of wood and metal clamps and a wide enough table with square edge. Lay the sheet metal aligning the marked area to be bent and clamp it together with the 2×4 wood on the top then using force slowly bend the sheet metal. The measurement given should leave 2 inches thickness and another 2 inches to enclose the sheet metal.

  2. Insert the insulation in between the walls. The extra 2 inches sheet metal is where holes are drilled to be attached to the metal studs.

  3. Build the powder coating oven top and base cover. Do this following the same method as you did with the walls. Both surfaces should measure 26 inches length and 60 inches width. Insert the insulation for both respectively.

  4. Build the oven’s door and back cover. The door should have an enclosed insulation with 2 inches thick. The top and bottom also have 2 inches extra to wrap on the edge. While the back cover should fit in between the walls with 2 inches extra at the bottom where holes will be drilled to be attached to the base.

  5. Screw the metal studs together. Lay the two 5 feet long pieces next to each other then place the three pieces of 22 inches metal studs in between. There should be 2 on both side and one in the middle. The length of the base should be at 26 inches by 5 feet.

  6. Bend the inside tray where the burners will be placed. First bend 4 inches on both ends then bend 2 inches in that 4 inches to form an arm rest where the metal studs will be attached. Do the same with the other one.

  7. Combine the parts together. Place the base cover first, then the trays and the rest follows easily.

  8. Connect the wiring for the heating mechanism. Drill holes for the burners to be installed at least 1 to 2 inches above the trays.

  9. Use the metal scraps to cover the exposed insulation at the back of the oven. Cutting a 2 inches strip will do the job.

Tips: Installing insulation fan is an option however it is best for taller ovens. The sheet metal is around 25 to 29 in gauge.

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