How To Build Pressure In A Bicycle Foot Pump

Learning how to build pressure in a bicycle foot pump is easy. These pumps are meant to quickly pump bike tires, but they may also be used to fill balls and other things with air. The following is some easy advice on how to build pressure in a bicycle foot pump.

  1. First, ensure that your pump is working properly. Pump it by stepping down on the pedal and holding the end that attaches to the tire to see that air is coming out.
  2. Then, attach the pump to the tire. It has a pedal which you press with your foot to pump the pressurized air out into the tire, but after each time that you press the pedal, you must wait for the pump to refill, which will build up pressure, and then you must pump the pressurized air from the pump to the tire.
  3. Press down on the pedal firmly, but not too fast; pressing too fast will cause some of the air to leak out, and it can actually damage the pump. Instead, pump down by pressing firmly but steadily, and letting the weight of your leg do much of the work. This will build the right amount of pressure to fill the tire well. Many of these foot pumps have gauges, so if yours has one of these, make sure that it does not indicate that you are pressing too hard; if it goes all of the way to the other end when you step down, you are pressing too hard.
  4. After each pump, wait for the pump to refill with air. This will build the pressure that you need to use it correctly. Once it has filled, again firmly press down on the pedal.

Learning how to build pressure in a bicycle foot pump only requires you to pump air out with you foot pressing on the pedal, and then waiting for the pump to refill. This type of pump is very handy, but it does not generate enough pressure to fill certain tires, such as those of competitive street bikes.

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