How To Build A Professional Beer Tap System

If you are tired of blowing all your cash at your local beer tavern, maybe it’s time to learn how to build a professional beer tap system. Make it yourself, in your very own refrigerator. It’s not difficult to become the brew-master of your domain by building a beer tap right through the fridge’s front door.  However, before doing any drilling, make sure it is unplugged. 

Here’s what you will need to be able to build a professional beer tap system from the luxury of your own home:

  • Working refrigerator
  • Regulator and CO2 tank
  • Surgical tubing for CO2 and beer lines
  • One taps
  • Couplers              
  • Draft spigot
  • Draft spigot handle
  • Drip pan
  • Door spacer
  • Drill
  • Crescent wrench
  • Pencil or marker
  • Tape measure
  • Milk crate
  • Tower (mini-fridge optional)
  • Two pieces of scrap boards (1X6 optional)
  1. Remove all the shelves from the inside as well as the bottom tray crispers and thoroughly clean out the fridge. It’s also a good idea to sanitize the inside of the refrigerator, after all, this is where you will be housing your professional beer tap system and kegs.
  2. Build your raised keg shelf on the bottom of the refrigerator. Most refrigerators typically have a sloped back, which can prevent the beer keg from sitting flat. Either you can go through the trouble of making a shelf, but a milk crate will generally balance your professional beer tap system and keg perfectly well.

  3. Decide where you want the shank and faucet assembly. Most people want to drill the hole in the refrigerator door directly under the egg shelf, but you may choose to set your beer tap lower for a straight-arm draft pour. With your marker, make a circle or a dot where you plan to drill.  Be sure and measure for the door spacer.
  4. Drill a circular hole in the door of the fridge. Next, slide in the door spacer and insert the shank. Tighten it with the wrench and connect the clamps to the beer tap line from the inside of the fridge to the outside faucet. The beer tap line should be attached to the one end of the shank, to the end of the beer keg coupler, and to the regulator at the opposite end. The shank is simply a conduit.

  5. Connect the beer drip tray. The drip tray is what catches all the beer tap run-off. It must be secure or there could potentially be a huge mess. Connect it directly under the beer tap faucet in the door.
  6. Hook up the gas and beer lines. Attach the beer line in between the beer keg and the faucet, then the gas line to the carbon dioxide tank as well as the beer keg. With a screwdriver, tighten all the hose clamps on the tanks. Set the regulator between seven and twelve PSI.

  7. Sanitize and flush the gas and beer tap lines. Your beer tap kit should have come with cleaning instructions. It is vital that you only use chemicals recommended for the beer lines. Never use hot water when cleaning, as it tends to warp and distort the beer tap's shape.
  8. Congratulate yourself. Sit back, enjoy the fruits of your labor, and tap into your professionally built beer tap system for the first time. All that’s left to do is to invite some friends over to enjoy your own professionally built tap made by your own hands with some good cold beer. Cheers.

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