How To Build A Quarter Pipe

Learning how to build a quarter pipe will allow any skater the perfect place to master their tricks.  A quarter pipe is one of the most popular choices for tricks, because it allows skaters to jump, rail slide, and do other tricks all in one place.  Having a quarter pipe in your own skate park will allow you to master your tricks on your own property, without having to spend a lot of money going to skate parks, which are overrun with other skaters.

To build a quarter pipe, you will need:

  • 2x4x8s
  • 3/8" Plywood
  • 1/2" Plywood
  • 1 1/2" Wood Screws
  • Nails
  • Particle board
  • Hammer
  • Screwdriver
  • Jigsaw
  • Pencil
  • Measuring tape
  • Triangle Square
  • Wood Glue

To build a quarter pipe you need to:

  1. Begin by cutting four inches off the end of the particle board. This will take it from 96” to 92”, allowing some space for flat surface created by the plywood. Cut the particle board in two triangles, by cutting from one corner to the opposite corner.  This will act as an outline for the slanted surface. 
  2. Cut the platform for the quarter pipe. The particle board will have two sides, measuring 4’ and 92”, as well as the sloped angle you created.  On the 4’ side, measure 2’ down from the corner.  Use a Triangle square to create a flat surface on this 2’ mark, and cut this 2’ section off the particle board.  Repeat for the other piece of particle board.
  3. Created the curved surface.  You will want to begin at the edge of the platform and continue to the tip of the particle board.  Use a pencil to draw a curve from point to point on one of the pieces of particle board.  Cut this curve using the jigsaw.  Use the template you cut from the particle board to create an identical curve on the other piece of particle board.
  4. Cut three of the 2x4x8s to four 4’ sections. Attach one of the 4’ 2×4 sections to each point of the particle board.  This will be both platform edges, and both bottom edges.  Connect both pieces of particle board in this manner, so they create a nice skeleton for the quarter pipe.  Take the remaining two 2x4x4 sections and connect them evenly spaced between the bottom two pieces.
  5. Cut one more 2x4x8 into two 4’ sections.  These sections will be nailed in, flush with the curved surface, evenly spaced between the edge of the platform and the bottom edge of the quarter pipe.
  6. Measure the space between the 2x4x4 on each edge of the platform.  Cut two pieces of 2×4 to this size, and evenly space them between the existing 2x4s on the surface for additional platform support. 
  7. Cut one section of ½” plywood for the platform surface.  You will have to measure the surface to know exactly how much you need.  Once cut, attach the platform by screwing it into the particle board as well as the 2x4s every 12”.
  8. Soak a sheet of 3/8” plywood.  You will want to completely drench this plywood in water, cover it with tarp, and allow it to soak for twenty four hours. Apply wood glue to the curve of the particle board, as well as all the flush mounted 2x4s. Once the time has passed, lift up the plywood, and gently form it over the curve of the quarter pipe, allowing four inches to hang over the bottom end of the quarter pipe. Screw the plywood to the particle board, and use small nails to connect the plywood to the 2x4s.  Nails should be placed every 12” along the surface.

Allow the quarter pipe to fully dry before you use it.

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